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The highest, the longest: the Viaduct de Millau | France viaduc de millau tolls rise again tomorrow 31 January
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france two years after a forest’s destruction 28 January
Le Tour de France : cycling tactics
 beta release 
21 January
france january 2011 - the canal du midi’s plane trees under attack 20 January
the next greatest show on earth, 2-24 july 2011 19 January
france update on autoroute tolls, january 2011 14 January
france car fuel prices updated 6 January
fun  tying a tie
29 January
fun get your kicks on route 66: the original
24 January
fun will saudis execute vulture for spying? 
5 January
politics usa bush and clinton vindicated over muslim world
29 January
politics uk some of the socialist monsters’ legacy
24 January
politics protesting against israel - it’s the progressive (socialist) thing to do
6 January
politics uk irresponsible milipede - another professional socialist liar
4 January
economics  ‘progress’ - shanghai
27 January
economics which country owns 3rd highest value of us treasury bonds?
22 January
economics a series on off-shores which may interest
11 January
economics will ireland accept the stitch up?
1 December
ecology a new food report - highly publicised
25 January
ecology is ‘clean coal’ meaningful or possible? - usa/china interaction
9 January
science and technology on the dire state of so-called peer-reviewed ‘science’ 
20 January
science and technology archean expansion? - genetic archæology
3 January
behaviour and intelligence benedict on reality
17 January
behaviour and intelligence update: civilising children - some of the the real reasons some parents succeed
13 January
behaviour and intelligence civilising children - some of the the real reasons some parents succeed
9 January
alternative energies useful summary of nuclear nonsense
16 January
civil liberties pope speaks against use of islamic blasphemy laws as an excuse for violence and discrimination
10 January

Who is Barak Obama?

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