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headlines for June 2013
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politics uk /
 sociology of socialism 
new! socialism and appeasement - so few stood firm against the socialist dictatorships of Stalin and Hitler
 beta release 
29 June
politics uk david cameron in big trouble, and no wonder 2 June
Click to go to the official Tour de France website last-minute team and team strip updates photo 29 June
Click to go to the official Tour de France website 10 June
economics / politics eu  will the euro collapse? 23 June
                  for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: current fuel prices in france 7 June
fun health and safety, victorian style photo 2 June
headlines for May 2013
politics uk sane humans live in a dynamic world, not a world of simplistic rules 25 May
politics uk new!  For Socialism and Peace -
the Labour Party's Programme of Action
20 May
politics uk is there one democrat in fascist ‘new’ labour? 13 May
politics uk in my view, britain would have lost ww2 if it had followed labour wishes 9 May
politics uk miliband: cut borrowing by borrowing more 1 May
Giro d'Italia 2013 update: stage 19 cancelled, stage 20 changed 24 May
Giro d'Italia 2013 updated and expanded helpful instructions for the giro d'italia website graph/diagram included 12 May
Giro d'Italia 2013 large version of the race route - no more peering graph/diagram included 6 May
Giro d'Italia 2013 helpful instructions for the giro d'italia website graph/diagram included 5 May
behaviour and intelligence a distinguishing mark of socialism - shortsightedness 15 May
fun are they possibly related? we should be told photo 14 May
economics chinese tractor production and gdp 13 May
economics / politics  updated and expanded speech by Richard Nixon on guaranteed income - a citizen's wage 12 May
ecology the end of recurrent ice ages? 11 May

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