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politics eu euro subsidies to german exports and greek buyers 31 July
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politics eu “history teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives” - the chocolate euro 30 July
politics eu draghi suggests he may do the right thing, and print money without limit 27 July
politics eu which country will have the guts to be the first that declares bankruptcy? 25 July
politics putin paranoia attacks net - socialist hollande wants to control peugeot 14 July
politics uk hoc treasury committee and the banks 10 July
politics uk pfis - 16% gdp off-budget 4 July
politics eu analysis: cameron and a possible eu referendum 3 July
politics uk any fool can get rich in a boom economy - basic market wisdom 2 July
politics uk the open society and capitalism are one - corruption is a human given 21 July
book and other reviews the spanish revolution: the left and the struggle for power during the civil war by bolloten 28 July
cycling london olympics: cav says, “i’m nervous” 28 July
la Vuelta a Espagna keeping north, a climber’s paradise - this year’s route 23 July
TDF 2012 coming last 14 July
the cycling zone pedalare! short, sharp book review 6 July
fun great fun - and so designed to send socialists barmy video 26 July
fun duck’s disease and power 10 July
economics / politics uk  the triumph of tory economics - innumerati continue to gripe 25 July
economics the innumerati continue to talk nonsense about ‘growth’ 20 July
economics first of a short series on free trade 23 July
                  for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated:
current fuel prices in france
25 July
                  for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated:
current fuel prices in france
1 July
behaviour and intelligence cav wins again with a wiggins lead out! 22 July
yet another way for the government highwaymen of France to make a living 1 July

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