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world of fundamentalism the abuse of islam in political rhetoric : a deconstruction
on misusing words to avoid criticism, while critising the critics
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france the derrick at parentis-en-born
france roundabout art of les landes - t.a.s. - beta release
france travelling by rail to and within France - invincy, a new guest writer at abelard.org
france Marianne part 2: town hall statues - xavier
france marianne - a french national symbol - xavier
france the calendar of the french revolution - xavier
france aires on the A89 autoroute from bordeaux to clermont-ferrand and beyond
politics responding to attack : case study in lebanon
politics george bush and islamo-fascism
politics on some ‘problem’ states in the middle east
politics a sober reflection on the israeli lesson to hezbollox
politics the real news out of iraq which the left and their fossil media don’t want you to read
politics ‘democracy’ in various dictatorships - t.a.s./abelard
politics so much for the moonbats’ ‘victory’ over lieberman
politics managing the middle east and its western acolytes
politics un or new world order (nwo): politicans posturing while problems grow

on lebanon:
shebaa (chebaa, sheba and other spellings) farms maps and hezbollox lies
nasrallox and his ambitions

politics the difference between a peace-making and a peace-keeping force
politics 2 4 6 8, what are we fighting for, the left don’t give a damn, next stop is the taliban
behaviour and intelligence intersecting intelligence distributions, bears and humans - t.a.s.
behaviour and intelligence from herd mentality to individualism
behaviour and intelligence motherhood and madness under socialism
behaviour and intelligence some indoctrination tools (brainwashing)
behaviour and intelligence different responses to invasive english from around the world - t.a.s.
water water labelling
ecology large oil corp steps towards charging for externalised costs
only when it’s pretty 14: iso gardens / sengan-en - t.a.s.
only when it’s pretty 13: london icons - t.a.s.
only when it’s pretty 12: colour in the fields - t.a.s.
science teaching computers to perceive in 3 dimensions
science £60k for a car that watches you and pedestrians
news-lite keeping up:
claimed as the fastest changing gene area between chimps and humans
simply reversible surfactant
alternative energies fossil fuel disasters - it just goes on and on
alternative energies thousands of deaths a year caused by diesel fuel
book and other reviews our oldest enemy by miller & molesky - t.a.s. Four and a half GoldenYak(tm) award
fun rebranding the bliar broadcasting cartel - interesting new logo proposed
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