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politics iran deliberately lies about ban ki-moon warnings 31 August
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politics down with fascism, up with fascism 27 August

“you are a fascist”

26 August
politics George Orwell - another leftist pseudo-intellectual snob?  beta release  24 August
politics uk reporting bias - is it the bbc or is it the groaniad? 16 August
politics uk the lost playing fields of england - still more groaniad lies refuted 8 August
politics uk on on keeping to the coalition agreement and lords reform 7 August
                  for motorways and motorway aires in France. french government lowers fuel prices 29 August
                  for motorways and motorway aires in France. as french fuel prices shoot up, there’s some relief

plus, updated: current fuel prices in france
27 August
la Vuelta a Espagna first week - short report 29 August
la Vuelta a Espagna 2012 vuelta race favourites
13 August
civil liberties another interesting expose of swedish goings on video 21 August
civil liberties ruled from brussels - uk courts are not ‘independent’ 20 August
civil liberties julian assange statement transcript 19 August
economics germany backs the money printing against the bundesbank 21 August
economics increasing unemployment does not predictably destroy gdp 9 August
economics a report commissioned by sarkozy - gdp 4 August
economics and money zone at abelard.org - government swindles and how to transfer money on the net new: gdp 1: gross domestic product beta release 2 August
economics government austerity is a stimulant to national economies - shame it hasn’t been tried yet 1 August
science and technology why richard dawkins is wrong 19 August
behaviour and intelligence imagine there’s no countries - the confusions of socialism 14 August
behaviour and intelligence think of the children - when a committee of jobsworths turn their hands to 'art' photo 13 August
fun like school qualifications, sporting achievement is getting easier 12 August
fun olympics - the world still turns 2 August
ecology world food prices more than double in 10 years graph/diagram included 10 August

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