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october 2004

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  news topic classification is flexible -
the world is seamless
politics there are two parties in the us presidential election....
politics the iraq you won't hear about in the leftist press, or from boltneck
politics two serious analysis items on us military requirements
politics why the usa is very very badddd
politics contrasting endorsements: putin and mahathir
politics rumsfeld's rules for service in high office
politics left wing-press decides australian election was not about iraq
politics vote early and vote often - 'opinion' polls
politics belief increasing that bush admin made major error in falluja
politics bolt neck suffers as analysis of his tv debate proceeds
politics discover kerry's favourite word
ecology keeping the heat in during winter
ecology increasing pressures on food supply and arable land
ecology wwf world ecology report 2004
ecology large-scale reducing carbon output:15 routes
ecology italy wants to tax suvs - maybe
ecology trawl ocean destruction continues
news-lite platypussies makes sex complicated
news-lite micro diesel turbos to replace batteries....development
news-lite large windmill arrays could effect local climate conditions
news-lite removing junk dna shows little change in organism
news-lite dreaming of 5-inch terabyte+ discs
news-lite looting and anarchy in iraq
news-lite the sea is slowly rising
behaviour quotes by and about henry ford
behaviour tracking birds to avoid airstrikes
behaviour latest corruption index
behaviour updated is there a gorilla in the room?
fun bin liner may be ded - boltneck says it's unfair
fun pretty paintings by raphael
fun us voting intention testimonial
fun english usage from the british broadcasting corpse
fun yeeeeeeeeehhhoooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww..........
fun how could we manage without 'them'?
fun st bernards to leave st bernard’s pass
fun space, the final frontier
fun asteroids—far away, so close
science japan rocks and rolls to earthquakes and typhoons
science kryptonite - well, positronium actually
science robot report
science stardust-catcher—why it crashed
science powering spaceship one - the x-prize winner
science world’s second largest known mushroom
france Cathedrals 2: Dax and iconography
economics paypal (and billpoint) : more detailed information -
major revision october 2004
energy a million windmills?
briefings replaced by comparing fertility rates and populations in europe and beyond
oil at last, spanish political prisoner captain scapegoat temporarily released
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