9: passing strange - the auroran sunset

Here at abelard.org, we take a lot of photographs. Many of them are pretty or interesting. This is the ninth in a regular “photograph with little or no explanation or comment” feature.

This week we give you three photos of things perculiar. First is a field of shells. I have to assume that something snail-like was living in all these shells. However, it looked like that large patch of grass was growing shells, instead of leaves or flowers. The only thing moving was the ant.

A field of snail shells, with a crawling ant. Image credit: the auroran sunset
[Taken in France on the 10th August 2005.]

Next up are the garish above-ground roots of a corn (as in “on-the-cob”) plant. It has the look of the some alien’s foot, or perhaps a tentacle monster.

Yellow and red tentacled roots of a corn plant. Image credit: the auroran sunset
[Taken in France on the 29th June 2006.]

Finally, we present a gloaming sky, full of pinks and blues, making the trees below also take on ‘unnatural’ hues. My camera must have been on drugs, because everybody knows the sky doesn’t go colours like this:

Sunset sky in pinks and blues, with trees below. Image credit: the auroran sunset
[Taken in France on the 26th March 2006.]

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