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behaviour and intelligence church of rome sex fanaticism is undermining its relevance 27 May
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behaviour and intelligence /
g. k. chesterton equating the socialist mindset with prussianism, 1922 24 May
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. sainte-chapelle, paris - stained glass restoration complete photo 20 May
book and other reviews /  socialism  the world set free by h.g. wells - a review three GoldenYak (tm) award 18 May
politics uk /  socialism  now the snp want scotland back, together with their independence of mind 17 May
giro d'italia new! the Giro d'Italia 2015 - lean and mean photo video 8 May
economics / politics uk  magnificent miliband, destroyer of the nation 3 May
behaviour and intelligence /
 politics uk 
girl power 2 May
politics uk /  socialism  "we did not spend too much", "hollande has it right"- ed miliband 1 May
headlines for April 2015
sociology /  politics uk  the uk election choice: mummy state or daddy state 30 April
behaviour and intelligence health and safety - a real adventure playground for the young video 27 April
economics / politics uk  minimum wage and benefits - economic illiteracy of the leftists 20 April
politics uk /  socialism  that labour note 'was a joke' says ed balls! 16 April
economics / politics uk  wherever is the money for the conservative promises coming from? 16 April
politics uk /  socialism  labour's new election poster photo 14 April
economics / politics uk  where nhs money goes - nurses can earn more than mps
funding the nhs - the calculations
13 April
behaviour and intelligence hollowing out - a new way of producing two species? 12 April
science and technology that the blind will see, and robot bees to pollinate crops - next, replace humans! photo video 6 April
economics greatly revised and expanded: gdp 1: gross domestic product [gdp] 4 April
headlines for March 2015
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. laon cathedral - "a rare moment" by anita virgil photo 31 March
politics /  socialism  another backwater illustrating the benefits of socialism 29 March
book and other reviews The Franco Regime 1936-1975 by Stanley G Payne five GoldenYak (tm) award 29 March
behaviour and intelligence /
 politics uk 
new! socialism and education - theory and reality
With reviews by Utopianist authors Heinlein, Wells, Morris
21 March
economics / politics uk  taxation and 'the rich' - and 'the poor'! 17 March
economics / politics uk  the truth about 'trickle down' 17 March
economics / politics uk  infantilising the population and replacing the family, while impoverishing them 8 March
the world of fundamentalism /   behaviour and intelligence   on the 'nothing to do with islam' line 3 March
behaviour and intelligence /
 politics uk 
the fragility of individual memory in among the herd - 'not a real socialist' 2 March
politics uk the loyal oppositions's record when last in government 1 March
headlines for February 2015
politics uk /
 behaviour and intelligence 
free speech according to socialists 26 February
the world of fundamentalism /   behaviour and intelligence   what is islam? a modernist apologetic deconstructionist at work 23 February
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: current fuel prices in france 22 February
behaviour and intelligence /
 the world of fundamentalism  
obama's implied message is that americans invite jihad by criticising islam 21 February
behaviour and intelligence /
 politics uk 
socialist loony toons 2 - a woman's work 18 February
economics / politics uk  poor in london, 1909 - you never had it so good 17 February
politics uk socialist loony toons 1 photo 16 February
economics soddy, a nobel chemist writing on economics in 1926 6 February
behaviour and intelligence /
 politics uk 
feminism - rebecca west's comments 5 February
headlines for January 2015
economics /  politics uk  'growth' versus redistribution - the long term and the short term 31 January
behaviour and intelligence william james on consciousness and on emotions 31 January
behaviour and intelligence /
 politics uk 
new! fabian socialists misunderstand darwinism 30 January
civil liberties new! the magna carta, 1215 – a new english translation 22 January
politics / book and other reviews new! h.g. wells and other fabians - a socialist with a rather better mind 18 January
behaviour and intelligence the pope's foolishness photo 17 January
politics / book and other reviews that nasty untidy real world - down with freedom, socialism 1910 13 January
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. driving in france: verges, ditches and road marking photo 8 January
politics uk /  economics  caricature of socialism, saying government power grab is about 'economics' 6 January
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. 1 january 2015: dropping fuel prices increased by taxes photo 1 January

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