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behaviour and intelligence herds and the individual: what is the difference between... 31 July
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behaviour and intelligence /
anti-semitism, socialism and free markets 30 July
economics /  politics  putin land is a paper tiger 30 July
La Vuelta 2010 new! la Vuelta a España, 2014 - climbs to glory 27 July
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. the relic of chartres illustrated 22 July
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. new! Chartres cathedral - wonder of the world illustrated 19 July
behaviour and intelligence logic behind why britain is apparently depressed 10 July
Tour de France 2014, Yorkshire and France. updated: watching tdf broadcasts 2 July
headlines for June 2014
Tour de France 2014, Yorkshire and France. bells for bicycles 29 June
behaviour and intelligence /
 politics uk 
these are not leading questions - i insist 28 June
Tour de France 2014, Yorkshire and France. this year’s top ten seeded riders 18 June
alternative energies photovoltaic progress - power generation and storage 17 June
ecology amazing water in the oceans and antarctica 15 June
Tour de France 2014, Yorkshire and France. tour de france 2014 - some t-shirt souvenirs photo 12 June
politics uk saving money from the train wreck of labour party corruption 11 June
economics on bubbles 1 June
headlines for May 2014
economics / politics  why we have to bail out banks 24 May
book and other reviews /
 politics uk  /  socialism 
the socialist dream of taking over britain, 1934 10 May
Tour de France 2014, Yorkshire and France. tour de france 2014 - the teams and their jerseys 10 May
Giro d'Italia 2013 ready for the pink race, il giro 2014 8 May
economics the eu steamroller 7 May
politics uk ban the milipede! 5 May
politics capital, wages and a basic citizen's income 3 May
headlines for April 2014
short briefings document new! establishment psycho-bunk 7 - 'asperger's' and 'autism' 29 April
behaviour and intelligence seeking someone to blame... 23 April
politics uk /  behaviour and intelligence  ridiculous miliband claims he could be first jewish pm, because.... 23 April
behaviour and intelligence religion increases scepticism - 'scientists' are easily depressed 22 April
                  for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: current fuel prices in france 20 April
politics uk /  socialism  New:
the communist solar system
15 April
behaviour and intelligence n.u.t. union to call for still more dumbing down 13 April
alternative energies large-scale photo-voltaic growth in the usa 10 April
science and technology a grave misunderstanding of 'science' 8 April
ecology lovelock interview 7 April
behaviour and intelligence /  politics uk  maria miller - is cameron protecting a corrupt mp? 6 April
politics uk 36% is more than 10%, and so is 76% - the gallant losers' fight 4 April
world politics /  energy  energy dependence - russia, ukraine 3 April
headlines for March 2014
world politics putin's "grave strategic blunder" 30 March
Introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. New:
clermont-ferrand and agde - from volcanoes to cathedrals photo
29 March
Introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. modern glass at clermont-ferrand photo 24 March
world politics /  socialism  shorty and russia - benign or rapacious? 22 March
world politics russia is a weak and dying giant 18 March
politics uk total new housing units - you wonder why housing is so expensive? photo 10 March
politics uk /  socialism  lesson in labour government management 8 March
politics uk chief entryist in labour's attempt to destroy the liberal party, 'returns' to labour... 2 March
world politics was palin able to warn obama that putin may invade ukraine - because she can see russia? 1 March

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