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June 2016


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New translation, the Magna Carta
 child education zone - maths and reading explained     

politics uk the toff's party 30 June
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economics /  politics eu  one small reason the eussr is in trouble 26 June
politics /  civil rights  can immigration be controlled without a police state? 22 June
civil rights /  economics  /  uk politics  judge retires after reuniting child with father, who then kills the child 22 June
economics /  politics eu  /  civil rights  economics OR immigration - no, both and they interact 19 June
world of fundamentalism the theology of lunacy - daeish theology 17 June
2016 Tour de France new!
the tour de france 2016, always for the climbers - the essentials illustrated graph
15 June
economics /  politics eu  on immigrants and jobs 12 June
alternative energies carbon to stone experiment - carbon capture illustrated graph 11 June
economics /  politics eu  on uk economics in or out of the eu 7 June
civil rights /  economics  /  politics  citizen's wage - referendum in switzerland 6 June
  headlines for May 2016  
ecology /  politics  censored by australian government for money - agw destroying the barrier reef 30 May
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: current fuel prices in france 29 May
socialism / politics hitler was not 'wildly popular' 28 May
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. penury of fuel - all 8 french refineries blockaded : useful maps graph 26 May
fun /   socialism  /  health  alf garnett on new labour, on smoking video 22 May
economics /  socialism  on trusting promises 22 May
socialism and sociology destroying the given order 17 May
sociology /  behaviour and intelligence  worked example for understanding political and religious behaviour 16 May
politics usa /  socialism  on donald trump, and hillary video 13 May
politics uk on the recent elections in the uk 8 May
science and technology /  fun  fly like a frog, on a hoverboard video 7 May
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: current fuel prices in france 6 May
sociology /  behaviour and intelligence  beliefs and actions 6 May
  headlines for April 2016  
socialism and sociology new!
h.g. wells the futurist  beta release
29 April
health cannabis kills 25 April
sociology /  behaviour and intelligence  creative nonsense 22 April
politics uk / politics eu on the balance of power in europe 16 April
giro new!
il giro d'italia 2016 - for sprinters and climbers
- essential facts, no more searching graph video
11 April
behaviour and intelligence first encyclical of pope francis - love in the family 10 April
politics uk / politics eu on foolish articles about david cameron - 'there is nothing so well said that it cannot be twisted' 9 April
politics uk / politics eu a suitably cynical article on boris and the eu outers 2 April
headlines for March 2016
politics /  behaviour and intelligence  on the psychology of donald trump 31 March
sociology /  behaviour and intelligence  the functioning and malfunctioning of association 30 March
sociology /  behaviour and intelligence  new!
counting beliefs - irrational associations, chapter 2 of
sociology - the structure of analysing belief systems
29 March
sociology /  behaviour and intelligence  new!
Labour Party structure
29 March
politics eu / politics uk on advantages of remaining or leaving: brexit issues 20 March
economics /  socialism  on disability cuts and middle-class tax breaks 19 March
behaviour and intelligence /  sociology contra the reification of numbers 16 March
science and technology measuring microcephaly 15 March
fun /   socialism  the russian revolution, russian style 14 March
Introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France.
heavily updated and expanded!
using metal in gothic cathedral construction
other metals - bronze and lead
cast iron, wrought iron and steel
8 March
science and technology birds giving away a baby or two as protection money illustrated 7 March
politics /
 behaviour and intelligence 
the geneva convention and donald trump 6 March
Introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. updated and expanded! cathedrals - an illustrated glossary illustrated 3 March
science and technology nimble replacement human in the snow video 3 March
headlines for February 2016
economics /
 behaviour and intelligence 
the world is still getting richer - warren buffet 29 February
science and technology /  fun  gravity waves for dummies video 29 February
fun /  politics uk  /  socialism  cameron proposes new policy to control immigration 18 February
economics on economics, by someone who actually understands video 17 February
Introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. metal at Beauvais and Bourges illustrated 10 February
Introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. chartres - cathedral destruction and during the french revolution 6 February

Who is Barak Obama?


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