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headlines for September 2015
politics /  socialism and sociology  corbyn backpedalling on policies - beware 29 September
economics is this the end of surplus labour? 24 September
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: current fuel prices in france 21 September
behaviour and intelligence at last, schooling starts a move in the correct direction 17 September
behaviour and intelligence living in the real world - nothing is ever the same 17 September
economics /  politics uk  /
updated: the 'economics' of the new old labour nutjobs 15 September
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. france's speed cameras now photograph in two directions photo graph 13 September
economics /  socialism  the public sector undermines productivity and equity - france 12 September
economics /  socialism  ten numbers of french government bureaucracy 11 September
briefing document -
sustainable futures
now a stand-alone document, updated and expanded
comparing fertility rates and populations in europe and beyond graph
6 September
civil liberties france brings back secular morality into the national curriculum photo 1 September
headlines for August 2015
politics uk /  socialism  good - bliar understands politics, despite serving the mad cult 30 August
behaviour and intelligence /
 politics uk  /  socialism 
cutting schools free from the government cartel blob is paying off 26 August
economics /  politics uk  a corbyn suggestion of merit? 24 August
ecology nothing wrong with global warming 22 August
politics /  socialism and sociology  80% of finns want a citizen's wage 21 August
socialism and sociology a cautionary tale - incentives change cultures 21 August
economics neat little article on the euro and greece 19 August
la vuelta a españa, 2015 - 9 new summits to fete 80 years video photo photo 18 August
the world of fundamentalism isis slave trade 18 August
politics uk /  socialism  jerry corbyn - trusty bourgeois capitalist photo 16 August
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: current fuel prices in france 12 August
politics uk /  socialism  are fears of days past coming to pass? 3 August
headlines for July 2015
socialism and sociology new! the socialism and sociology zone - under the skin of a modern religion of death 30 July
politics eu /  economics  did varoufakis resign because he could not go along with 'greasy politician, tsipras'? 14 July
politics eu /  economics  eussr greek farce continues - is the eussr in meltdown? 12 July
politics uk /  economics  social capital, social welfare and the tax merry-go-round 12 July
2015 tdf /Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. the tour de france passes into WW1 france 8 July
2015 tdf the tactics of being in the front video 8 July
economics /  politics eu  you can smell the fear in the eussr 6 July
economics /  politics eu  greek debt and reality 3 July
economics /  politics eu  on eussr barbarism relative to the greek chaos 1 July
headlines for June 2015
economics crackpots in brussels and a greek collapse 30 June
behaviour and intelligence /
lefties driven by emotion and a correct belief that they are robots 26 June
science and technology /  socialism  sexual differences in childhood behaviour - socialist science: the result first, the study after video 22 June
behaviour and intelligence amok, a definition - expanding on mass killings in the usa photo 21 June
behaviour and intelligence on mass killings in the usa photo 20 June
ecology updated: pope francis: look after sister earth 18 June
seeded riders, team colours, even this year's t-shirts - the tour de france is coming
photo photo
16 June
politics uk /  socialism  learning from history: labour never changes - churchill, 28 january 1950 9 June
health /  politics uk  new! the labour party did not start the nhs | the problems with socialism 7 June
politics uk /
 behaviour and intelligence 
learning from history: a man of honour resigns, 1938 5 June
politics uk /  socialism  it's said that the labour party is over - no, it isn't : a deconstruction 1 June
politics uk /
 behaviour and intelligence 
updated: labour rag daily mirror changes tune to follow 'new' labour's new line 1 June
giro d'italia final day : contador 'wins' 1 June

Who is Barak Obama?


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