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New translation, the Magna Carta

latest changes
and additions 2016 undergoes continual minor changes and additions.
This list refers only to significant changes.

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31.01.2016 using metal in gothic cathedral construction illustrated
Illustrated discussion on how metal was and is an integral part of a structurally sound cathedral's construction.
new document at
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France.
21.01.2016 cathedral labyrinths and mazes in France illustrated
Lots of illustrated information on labyrinths/mazes in French cathedrals, including the original text and a new translation of the 1858 essay by a certain Jules Gailhabaud.
new document at
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France.

latest changes and additions 2015

04.12.2015 The introductory section of Franco was not a Fascist has been upgraded and expanded. updated document
02.10.2015 cookies at and your privacy
In compliance with an EU edict (sorry, directive) we now inform you about cookie use. Not that blocking them stops people knowing where you are, or what you have called down/read.
major new document
06.09.2015 comparing fertility rates and populations in europe and beyond
Numbers for sustainable futures planning - fertility rates and populations, country areas, military spending.
new short briefing documents
30.07.2015 the socialism and sociology zone - under the skin of a modern religion of death
As the Labour Party appears to be exploding under the dogmas of different factions (flavours), abelard collates many documents that analyse and explain the mental poison of socialism and its subsidiary malaise, 'sociology'.
major new document
socialism, sociology, supporting documents described

in  socialism and sociology
09.05.2015 the labour party did not start the nhs | the problems with socialism
abelard lays to rest the urban myth connecting Socialists (a.k.a. the Labour Party) with the National Health Service.
major new document on education, power and economics
in  socialism and sociology
08.05.2015 the Giro d'Italia 2015 - lean and mean photo video
Being hit by austerity has compelled the organisers to return to essentials and exciting stages for sprinters and mountain men. Although kind on the riders when not racing, this Giro should be like a fierce spray of spa water!
new document in the
cycling zone
21.03.2015 socialism and education - theory and reality
With reviews by Utopianist authors Heinlein, Wells, Morris
How Socialists destroy education. Politics is about power, it is not about economics. Socialism tries to take all power away from the people, and towards the governing centre.
major new document on education, power and economics
in  socialism and sociology
30.01.2015 fabian socialists misunderstand darwinism
Fabians, early Socialists, did not realise the practical consequences of giving a certain group financial incentives. We live with those consequences - single mothers supported by the State.
subsidiary document in
 socialism and sociology

the Magna Carta, 1215 – a new English translation
For the 800th century of the Magna Carta, read and study the new, independent translation of the Magna Carta of England from, made from the Latin of the original version of the Magna Carta (or Great Charter) of England, drawn up by the English Barons, and signed by King John at Runnymede in 1215. With links to an extensive glossary and Latin original text.

This translation tackles ambiguities found in other translations.

major new document in  civil liberties 

h.g. wells and other fabians - a socialist with a rather better mind
Looking at both a literary great and the origins of UK Socialist ambitions and policies.

major new document in
 socialism and sociology

latest changes and additions 2014

23.11.2014  significant additions to 
addendum - a dismissal of unsound reasoning in sociology
updating herds and the individual - sociology, the ephemeral nature of groups and to ends and meansand the individual
updated documents
18.11.2014 herds and the individual - sociology, the ephemeral nature of groups  abelard on the illusions of society, where humans act as individuals while believing they are part of a wider group, or groups. This is often studied as 'sociology'. major new document on group behaviour, ethics and social interactions
in  socialism and sociology
10.11.14 Progressively, many improvements and minor corrections have been made to the page Franco, an introduction. updated document
25.10.2014 Tour de France route 2015Details of this year's Greatest Show on Earth, time to start planning. With maps, mountain profiles and the schedule. The elephant in the room - why is the TDF not going to central France? Still, it does look an exhilarating if compact race. new document in the
cycling zone
14.10.2014 Hurrah! A gremlin has been expelled from the the brilliant educational maths counter. It now works as it should. Yipee! updated document in the sums will set you free!
13.10.2014 on teaching and learning maths section in teaching mathemetics introduction updated and clarified. updated document in the sums will set you free!
1.10.2014 End of major code snarl-up affecting the news section. Pages are readable again - hurrah. maintenance update

addition to papal encyclicals and marx - some extracts: on socialism and liberalism, a page giving extracts from papal encyclicals that are critical of its competing religion, socialism.

1937: on aethestic communism / divini redemptoris

updated document in the short briefings documents section
14.08.2014 the buttresses and roof of Chartres cathedral illustrated
Holding up this wonder of the world is a web of supporting buttresses, covering it is an 19th century glory - the roof.
new document at
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France.
03.08.2014 At last, your humble yak has updated the map of the French motorway network. updated document in the
france zone
27.07.2014 La Vuelta 2010 la Vuelta a España, 2014 - climbs to glory
There may be no Pyrenees stages, but climbing challenges abound. Essential information for following this great race.
new document in the
cycling zone
19.07.2014 Chartres cathedral - wonder of the world illustrated
Probably the best known and preserved 13th-century cathedral in France, its structure, stained glass, sculture, labyrinth and wondrousness.
new document at
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France.
29.04.2014 establishment psycho-bunk 7 —‘asperger’s’ and ‘autism’
'autism' and 'aspergers'—one is a disease and the other a symptom. A short, objective overview of these rather fashionable, and misused, terms.
new short briefing document
15.04.2014 the communist solar system
Reproduced in full, this 1933 Labour Party pamphlet provides insights into the intentions and attitudes of Socialist politicians today.
major new document in  socialism 
29.03.2014 Clermont-Ferrand and Agde - from volcanoes to cathedrals
One has glass almost as good as that of Chartres, the other has a history chequered and violent - both built from black rock.
With many diagrams and phot-illustrations.
new document at
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France.
19.01.2014 Giro d'Italia 2013
l giro d'italia 2014 - a more humane race?
This really depends on your definition of humane. With less between-stage travel and three rest days, this year's Giro may ensure the riders are fresh for the climbs and sprint finishes, but ... with repeated climbs, and gradients of up to 22% in places, it looks like another leg-destroying race.
new document in the
cycling zone

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