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Float Series

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In this series, by careful choice of colours, I make shapes float away from the surface of the two-dimensional painting. By abelard.

Green Ejects Blue on Black Field by abelard

Title: Green Ejects Blue on Black Field
Artist: abelard
Size: 70 x 35 cm
Price: £450.00

Flags by abelard

Title: Flags
Artist: abelard
Size: 70 cm x 60 cm
Price: £1000.00

Black on Yellow on Yellow by abelard

Title: Black on Yellow on Yellow
Artist: abelard
Size: 120cm x 90cm
Price: £1100.00

Four On Pink by abelard

Title: Four On Pink
Artist: abelard
Size: 90 x 90 cm
Price: £2000.00

Space by abelard

Title: Space
Artist: abelard
Size: 120 x 120 cm
Price: £2600.00

Green Glow by abelard

Title: Green Glow
Artist: abelard
Size: 79 x 120 cm
Price: £1100.00

Five on white by abelard

Title: Five on white
Artist: abelard
Size: 90 x 60
Price: £740.00

Stealth arrowhead by abelard

Title: Stealth arrowhead
Artist: abelard
Size: 120x 75cm
Price: £550.00

Butterfly by abelard

Title: Butterfly
Artist: abelard
Size: 90 x 30 cm


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