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the world of fundamentalism 1

New translation, the Magna Carta
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the world of fundamentalism 1

even british christianists can no longer beat the young with sticks

“The strange, ancient British practise of caning suffered a critical blow this week, when a group of 40 independent Christian schools in the UK lost a battle in the courts to have hitting a child with rod, birch or slipper upheld as a human right. These schools have been fighting a rearguard action, so to speak, ever since caning was outlawed in Britain three years ago, arguing that corporal punishment is part of Christian heritage.”
[The Times, 14312.02]

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useful summary history
A history that is constantly, foolishly and dangerously being buried under an agenda of political correctness.

Ibn Khaldun (14th century):
“ In the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the [Muslim] mission and [the obligation to] convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force. The other religious groups did not have a universal mission, and the holy war was not a religious duty for them, save only for purposes of defense... Islam is under obligation to gain power over other nations.”

“There is a dire need for some courageous, meaningful movement within Islam that would completely renounce both dhimmitude and jihad against non-Muslims, openly acknowledging the horrific devastation they have wrought for nearly 1,400 years. Nothing short of an Islamic Reformation and Enlightenment may be required, to acknowledge non-Muslims as fully equal human beings, and not ‘infidels’ or ‘dhimmis.’ It is absurd and disingenuous for Schwartz to pretend that Islam’s problems are centered solely within Wahhabism.”

This is recommended reading – ignoring reality and hoping that it will go away is not a sane option.

(There is subsidiary material in this article.)

See also Islam and dhimitude: where civilizations collide by Bat Ye’or
2002, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Press, pbk 0838639437, $19.95 (

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“down with beauty” – so the caravan moves on

“Rioters pulled a local journalist off a motorcycle and told him he would be killed unless he could recite verses from Islam’s holy book, the Quran. The crowd released him unharmed when they realized he was Muslim.”

Nothing to do with fundamentalist religion, of course. I see that they have now killed over a hundred for god, quite apart from causing other mayhem.

“[The] office of ThisDay newspaper was torched after the paper published an article questioning Muslim objections to the pageant.”

Expression of support for a free press and for tolerance and moderation. Now there are reports that the secret police have taken the editor away.

“ ‘We regret these incidents, but this is not the fault of Miss World. It is the result of irresponsible journalism,’ Din, the spokeswoman, said. ‘The show definitely will go on.’ ”

Nothing to do with rioting mobs, nothing to do with arranging this highly profitable festival in an out-of-control, backward burg, it’s all the fault of the journalists. Right, it’s down with journalists then.

And now the show won’t even go on. The mob and intolerance win out, but doubtless there will be even more profit to be had in London, where fun is more appreciated.

Unless, of course, Wimmin’s Lib United learn from this demonstration of human rights, and decide that cracking heads, and burning cars and houses, will achieve more for their particular form of fundamentalist nirvana; more effective than merely parading a few placards up and down, while proclaiming that every man is a rapist.

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down with fun
more from the mad world outside mongolia

Sadiu Aliu, an official of Mahiba, a Nigerian Muslim fundamentalist group in the northern city of Gusau, told AP on Monday his group was planning a month of “black prayers” to spread “plagues of curses and bad luck” on Miss World organisers and participants.

Miss World is highly popular in Asia and parts of sub-Saharan Africa and South America. The contest had gained one first time entrant this year—Vietnam, whose ruling Communist Party once called beauty contests a sign of capitalist decadence, according to AP.

It’s nice to see the fundamentalists of the people’s paradise of Vietnam are weakening. Apparently western decadence is catching.

Where is their solidarity!

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tracing the most pernicious mental disease of a century
madsam and the socialist virus
“From his first declarations to his last, he has always presented the Arabs as the master race, whose history and accomplishments are glorious.”

There is much waffle about whether Ossama bin liner and madsam Hussein are ‘linked’. The link is basic and fundamental.

“Michel Aflaq was born in Damascus in 1910, a Greek Orthodox Christian. He won a scholarship to study philosophy at the Sorbonne sometime between 1928 and 1930 (biographies differ), and there he studied Marx, Nietzsche, Lenin, Mazzini, and a range of German nationalists and proto-Nazis. Aflaq became active in Arab student politics with his countryman Salah Bitar, a Sunni Muslim. Together, they were thrilled by the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party, but they also came to admire the organizational structure Lenin had created within the Russian Communist party.”

Ba’th Party (also spelled as Ba’ath) or, in full, the Arab Socialist Ba’th Party, or Arab Socialist Renaissance Party. An Arab political party advocating the formation of a single Arab socialist nation. It has branches in many Middle Eastern countries and is the ruling party in Syria and Iraq. (from Enc. Brit.)

“One feature of the revolution that Aflaq articulated and Saddam absorbed is that it erases and supersedes all objective values. Since the revolution is permanent and relentless, standards of judgment must be flexible so as to be adapted to the latest demands of the revolution. Even facts must give way to the needs of the revolution.”

Note the unrealism at the core of all such dogmas: facts do not matter,only the unreal is real! The approach is entirely antithetical to ‘science’, to empiricism, to pragmatism. The dream world must trump reality.
These are the worlds of the escapists and the control freaks. These are those whose natural response to anything they cannot control—is to kill, or to wish to kill.
Freedom is seen as disorder, as untidy, as threatening. Everything and everyone must conform to the dream – or die.

Socialism is essentially a crude religion of fear, a fear of reality, a fear of not being ‘in control’.

It is a religion of fear, and it operates through fear and threat.

“Give me your freedoms and I will protect you” – the siren song of every would-be dictator.

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The secularisation of Islam is discussed well, but sketchily, in this document.

As a contrast and instruction, it is useful to note that the Church of Rome (another mass dogmatic-based ‘religion’) was facing very similar processes only 100-150 years ago, and getting in a fine old tizz about it.

“This 20th ecumenical Council was convoked by Pope Pius 9th to deal with the ‘problems’ of the rising influence of rationalism, liberalism and materialism.”
“ Many of the ‘problems’ are listed in an encyclical which takes the form of a list of ‘errors’: The Syllabus Of Errors (Syllabus Errorum, 1864).”

There is another very similar document from Rome, early in the 20th century (link is to 1907 edition).

The statement on the Pope’s infallibility was approved only after long and heated debate both preceding and during the Council. The decree states:

“That the pope is the true successor of St. Peter and has full and supreme power of jurisdiction over the whole Church;
That he has the right of free communication with the pastors of the whole Church and with their flocks;
That his primacy includes the supreme teaching power to which Jesus-Christ added the prerogative of infallibility, whereby the Pope is preserved, free from error, when he teaches definitively that a doctrine concerning faith or morals is to be believed by the whole Church.

“The original schema had not included a statement of papal infallibility, but the majority of the Council fathers, urged on by Pius 9th, overrode vociferous opposition from those who argued that a formal definition was inopportune, and gave their approval to the dogmatic definition. Perhaps it is unsurprising that Pius 9th was worried by the advance of rationalism.”
from The Rise and fall of the Church of Rome

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our friends the Saudis....
recommended for the naive and those who wish to keep up.... [National Review Online, 09.08.02]

The word dhimmitude is worth searching upon. A crude idea of it can be obtained here.
My focus of interest is the sociology of Spain under Islam.
        Any who find items of interest, please let me know.

Steyn.... a sane voice on the middle east. [Spectator, 10.08.02]

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change of attitude to Saudi....

see also
is Saudi going unstable?

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why is america including iran in the axis of evil?
to what extent is iran reforming....

commentary critical of this article by matt robb

Criticising Khatami for being cautious about his approach is hardly sensible given that he's already pushed the limits a number of times.

Hard liners have arrested Khatami supporters, and imprisoned journalists that have supported Khatami. Is Khatami Yeltsin? No. But he's probably Gorbachev...

I note that the author made no reference to the popular support for Khatami, dwelling only on the desire for some democrats for faster progress.


invading iraq, and invading iraq 2
a mediocre analysis, but gradually the coming invasion is being thought through and prepared....

The Real Islam Is Not About Extremist Politics
at last...a useful statement by a muslim....
yet malaya allows ritual killing....and.... the writer has been ‘persecuting’ a political rival.....

What are we fighting against? It's simple - fundamentalism

The making of the world's most wanted man: Part 1
best summary of bin liner's background so far seen...
Dissent in Saudi Arabia The fatwa against the royal family
what i read suggests that fatwa is a legal/religious ruling

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