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replacing fossil fuels: the scale of the problem

uk move to conservation by improved building standards

“ There will be changes to building regulations which will raise standards of new and refurbished buildings in 2005, while industry will be offered incentives to reduce emissions in the most cost-effective way.”

This is an essential part of any rational approach to the growing pressure on energy consumption.

The UK has also announced a large programme to expand wind power.
Meanwhile, nuclear power is gradually being politically rehabilitated as it must:

“ "Before any decision to proceed with the building of new nuclear power stations, there would need to be the fullest public consultation and the publication of a White Paper setting out the government's proposals," the government said.”

As if there were any choice!

This piecemeal, multi-track approach suggests the UK government is increasingly taking these serious problems more seriously.

related material
replacing fossil fuels: the scale of the problem


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