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New translation, the Magna Carta

fun 7

jane dot-dash-dash-dot-dash-dot

The 160 year-old method of communicating by dots and dashes has been updated to include the @ symbol.

“The new sign is the first in at least several decades, and possibly much longer. Among ITU officials and Morse code aficionados, no one could remember any other addition.”

“The change will allow ham radio operators to exchange e-mails more easily. That's because -- in an irony of the digital age -- they often use Morse to initiate conversations over the Internet.”

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new trans-continental railway, and the ghan, arrives—after 97 years

Some history:

“The first suggestion of a transcontinental railway between Adelaide and the tropical north came from a Melbourne businessman, J. Roberston in 1858”

“When the Commonwealth Government took control in 1926 it extended the line from Oodnadatta to Alice Springs and from Pine Creek to Birdum. Both places were reached during 1929.

“ The thousand or so kilometres between Birdum and Alice Springs were never completed.”

“When the relocation of the line via Tarcoola was completed the continuation of the line from the Alice to Darwin was considered as 'ultimately inevitable' and became the subject of a government sponsored feasibility study. Seventeen years later 'the Holy Grail' as many people began to call it, was seen as South Australia's lifeline to future prosperity.”

On 4th February 2004, the first passenger train on the completed route was the “longest passenger train ever assembled in Australia”, made up of consisted of 43 carriages. The fare-paying passengers paid premium fares for this inaugural journey: A$12,000 ($9,100) for a sleeping berth, as opposed to about A$1390 standard fare.

transcontinental railway route

Photo Courtesy NT Govt

“Train passing through Cutting No 5 north of Alice Springs 16 January 2004”
Photo Courtesy NT Govt

More photos of the first freight train journey here.

“ The extension of The Ghan to Darwin will further enhance what is already considered one of the world's great train journeys. The 47 hour, 2979km transcontinental journey will feature off train touring options at Alice Springs and Katherine Gorge at modest extra cost. ”

The Ghan train is named after the Afghan camel drivers who helped open up the Australian outback in the 19th century. The camels are now generally feral; with substantial numbers in the outback, the camel being well suited to this environment of sand and heat.

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what a haircut!

Moved to the France zone.

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how long is a snake? or can you trust the press?

CNN headline: “Official: World's largest snake in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia; December 29, 2003:
“ Local government official Rachmat said the reticulated python measured 49 feet (14.85 meters) and weighed in at 985 pounds (447 kilograms ).”
[Orginally reported by Associated Press, then spread worldwide by press and other media.]
Ten days later –
INDONESIA: January 8, 2004:
“[...] a photographer working for Reuters returned to the Curugsewu park in the small central Java town of Kendal on Wednesday with a measuring tape. The snake's true length -- around 6.5 metres.

“ "I have no idea why the snake has shrunk," said one keeper when asked about the discrepancy, as the snake lounged on a tree branch inside its cage.”

I have no idea why anyone believes reporters.

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pretty picture of parrots – well, macaws actually

peruvian macaws on a sandbank

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twin towers replacement planned as world tallest

“Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the tower - which planners said would be the world's tallest - would "dramatically reclaim a part of the New York City skyline that was lost on 9/11.”

Various images can be accessed here.

I quite like this image.

The New York rebuilding site is here. It is more political than architectural.

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modern architectural art for the wtc

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modern architectural art for the wtc

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