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who is gordon brown?

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who is gordon brown?

The most unpopular Prime Minister since Neville Chamberlain in 1931, Gordon Brown was appointed to the top political office in Great Britain, rather than being elected.

abelard looks at the man’s character and considers the reasons for Gordon Brown being called Brown the Clown.

Brown and the feckless

Gordon Brown has spent ten years stealing from the productive to waste on the feckless and his other vanities.

And this spending does not even help the feckless. It makes them dependent and more feckless. They become children instead of adults.

spend, spend, spend

Gordon Brown’s policy when Chancellor of the Exchequer of endless waste has left Britain heavily indebted and, now, increasingly dependent on the rising costs of shrinking world resources in food and energy for further income.

Brown has taken the money he wastes from productive activities, thus starving them of the ability to solve the problems that government cannot solve.

Thus now, as the problems and pressures increase there is no grain in the stores for any seven lean years.

For all his postures, Gordon Brown he does no't even understand his Bible!

Brown is the dead hand of socialism.


Gordon Brown is so dull that he believes that ‘work’ is shifting a pile of sand from the back garden to the front, and then back again.. He has the ‘mentality’ of a prison warder ordering the breaking of rocks. He calls such pointless activity ‘work’, or ‘employment’, and even boasts of his wondrous insight.

So is this the eternal arrogance of mediocrity?

Brown’s arrogance may suggest that he is intelligent enough to be arrogant, but he is clearly not even reasonably intelligent. However, despite appearances, he surely cannot be mentally defective. If he were mentally defective, he would merely gawk or babble. Obviously, he can at least make sentences, even though they do not mean much.

Perhaps Gordon Brown is so lacking sense because, as a socialist, his mentality is similar that of a Jehovah’s Witness: total certainty combined with total nonsense. No independent thought.

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