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some news items are of interest, but not rated by abelard as convincing or significant enough for placement in abelard’s main news archives. Such items may be found here.
New translation, the Magna Carta
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sequestering carbon in farmland gives higher yields
an interesting light item, with some numbers.

“ Lal cited an 18-year experiment in Kenya: Farm fields managed by regular farming practices - tilling the land, using no fertilizer, leaving fields bare in the non-growing season - produced about 1 ton of maize and beans per hectare (a hectare is about the size of two football fields). But fields treated with manure, planted with cover crops and covered with mulch yielded six times that amount.”

This method of farming, as well as increasing the fertility of the earth, will also reduce weed (unwanted plant) growth. Thus, the method requires a lower input of industrial fertilisers and weed killers.

Chemistry bind (a metal ion) so that it cannot react.

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