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some news items are of interest, but not rated by abelard as convincing or significant enough for placement in abelard’s main news archives. Such items may be found here.

New translation, the Magna Carta

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i don’t want a cell ’phone, but the camera data might help!

Nokia cellphone being used with GPS and time data marking on photos.
Nokia cellphone being used with GPS and time data marking on photos.
Image credit: Garage Cinema Research

  • “Gather all automatically available information at the point of capture (time, spatial location, phone user, etc.)
  • Use metadata similarity algorithms to find similar media that has been annotated before
  • Take advantage of this previously annotated media to make educated guesses about the content of the newly captured media
  • Interact in a simple and intuitive way with the phone user to confirm and augment system-supplied metadata for captured media”

Also being developed at Garage Cinema Research :

Mobile Media Metadata 2 demonstrated on a Nokia cellphone. Image credit: Garage Cinema Research
Mobile Media Metadata 2 demonstrated on a Nokia cellphone.
Image credit:
Garage Cinema Research

Bluetooth-enabled camera cellphones that write the geo-position and time on the photo, while also attempting to identify the people concerned.

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new camera with gps - two and a half years on from clumsy rig-up to cellphone with enhancement

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thank heaven for experts

“US Court Ruling Won't Stop Evolution Row - Experts

“Supporters of the concept of "intelligent design" will find new ways to advance their cause to have it taught in US schools despite a major setback this week, experts on both sides of the debate said on Wednesday.”

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the pc disease spreads - economist cover, bbc and groaniad

Is this the end point at which political correctness moves from tragedy to farce?

Front cover of the Economist magazine
Illustration for cover story of the Economist magazine

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Meanwhile, the ‘hitlerisation’ squeal is spreading around the lesser fossil media from the groaniad left- wing in-house department. Don’t teach so much Hitler and the holocaust, or at least “put it in the ‘context’ of Versailles”, as if Versailles is any excuse for Hitler and national socialism.

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the bbc illustrates their balanced reporting

The British Empire according to the BBC The Ottaman Empire according to the BBC
The British Empire according to the BBC The Ottoman Empire according to the BBC

BBC lefties have illustrated a typically light-weight item on the British Empire, Empire history ‘key to UK life’, with a picture of slaves; while another similar item is headed Empire of the Ottomans and illustrated by the Sulyman Mosque at Istanbul with the following descriptor, The Ottoman golden age brought unrivalled wealth.

Note: the BBC is a propaganda arm of the British government.

BBC lead from Frinkenstein.

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mass production of solar cells

“The [$86 million] Kumamoto plant would initially have a capacity to produce about 30 megawatts worth of solar cells annually, enough for 10,000 households a year, it said.”

The report is confused, referring to solar batteries! It also does not make clear what is meant by “30 megawatts”, whether it is capacity or year output. This type of problem is common to this source [] and many others.

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More direct solar methods of power generation

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nanoscience - is it just bucky balls?

“They found that the buckyballs bind strongly to DNA, with about the same energy that drugs bind to receptors on the surface of cells. When the buckyballs bound, they distorted the strands of DNA. Peter Cummings, a Vanderbilt chemical engineer, says it seems likely the interaction would interfere with the DNA's function, disrupting replication and repair and increasing mutation rates.

“But he cautioned that it remains to be determined if buckyballs even penetrate cell membranes, and if they do, whether they would penetrate the cell nucleus, where the DNA resides.

“ Cells are bombarded with naturally occurring nano-sized particles and appear to get by just fine, so it is not at all clear whether this speculation holds any merit in the real world," he says.

“Cummings also notes that at present only a few grams of buckyballs are produced in the world every year, and that to err on the cautious side scientists treat them like toxic material.”

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skyscrapers causing earthquakes?

Taipei 101 building. Image credit: (c) C.Y. Lee & Partners
Taipei 101 building (click for magnificent full-size version)
Image credit:
© C.Y. Lee & Partners

“[...] once Taipei 101 started to rise from the ground, things changed. "The number of earthquakes increased to around two micro-earthquakes per year during the construction period (1997 to 2003).

“ "Since the construction finished there have been two larger earthquakes (magnitude 3.8 and 3.2) directly beneath Taipei 101, which were big enough to feel," says Dr Lin.”

Some statistics for Taipei 101:

  • height: 1,676 feet / 508 metres
  • number of floors: 101 above ground / 5 below ground
  • weight: 700,000 tonnes
  • surface area: 3.7 acres / 15,081 square metres

Some, probably, man-induced earthquakes:

  • Koyna Dam earthquake, 1967
    cause: recently constructed dam in Maharashtra state, India
             when vast water load changed ground stresses
    effect: 6.5 Richter earthquake, over 120 dead
  • Denver, Colorado
    cause: huge amounts of waste injected into Rocky Mountains
    effect: 5.5 Richter earthquake under Denver
  • North Sea, 2001
    cause: release in pressure from oil and gas extraction
    effect: 5 Richter eqrthquake

Other very tall buidings:

  • Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 1,483 feet
  • Sears Tower, Chicago, USA - 1,450 feet

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Highest, longest: the Viaduct de Millau
half mile high building - well, almost

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