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24: daylight tokyo

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24: daylight tokyo - the auroran sunset

Here at abelard.org, we take a lot of photographs. Many of them are pretty or interesting. This is the twenty-fourth in a regular “photograph with little or no explanation or comment” feature.

I’m not a fan of cities. They are smelly, noisy and have far too many people. However, there are some compensations. Here are few photos taken in a walk around a suburb of Tokyo [1]. First, city hall:-

City hall, Yokohama Tokyo, Japan. Image credit: the auroran sunset


A nearby building with a lovely green dome up a tower. This and the city hall above are both on Nihon Oo-doori - “Japan Big Road” - a very picturesque road lined with trees and pretty buildings.

A city building with a green domed tower, Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan. Image credit: the auroran sunset


Looking down a street of towering buildings towards Yokohama’s [1] tallest building, the Landmark Tower, in the distance:-

View down city street to Landmark Tower, Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan. Image credit: the auroran sunset


A city park. Japanese parks rarely have much grass. This one has a sort of maze painted on the concrete and is dotted with pretty mirrored sculptures:-

A concrete city park with a painted maze and mirrored art, Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan. Image credit: the auroran sunset


A local company obviously wanted to show how rich they were with this very sparkly golden building. It looks pretty amazing in the evening sun:-

A gleaming gold city building, Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan. Image credit: the auroran sunset


Landmark Tower is 296m tall, which makes it by far the tallest building in the area:-

The Landmark Tower seen from below through a tree. Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan. Image credit: abelard.org


Pretty hotels, a lit-up ship and one of the world’s biggest ferris wheels. All within walking distance of Landmark Tower.

Hotels, a ship and a giant ferris wheel. Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan. Image credit: abelard.org


  1. The Japanese claim that Yokohama is their second largest city after Tokyo. However, in going between the two you will notice that there is no end to one city before the other begins. In any reasonable sense, Yokohama is just another of Tokyo’s mammoth suburbs.

    Kawasaki, supposedly Japanese 9th largest city, is also just another Tokyo suburb somewhere between main Tokyo and Yokohama. It makes sense to think of them simply as two more of Tokyo’s large autonomous areas like Shibuya, Ginza and Akihabara.

    You can easily and quickly reach either from the main city, using the wonderful Tokyo subway/train system.

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