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space travellers

  • venus transit across the sun [1]
    “On June 8, Venus will cross in front of the Sun for the first time since 1882, and backyard skywatchers can see the spectacle. The best view will be from Europe, but parts of America and most of Asia and Africa can witness the historic passage, weather permitting.”

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  • saturn fly-past by cassini
    “Nearing the end of its seven-year [...] ” trip to Saturn, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft has primed its engine and other systems for a swing past one of the planet's moons [...] ”

    The Cassini orbiter will then begin a four-year tour of Saturn, with 74 orbits of the ringed planet, 44 close flybys of Saturn’s moon Titan, and many flybys of the other moons.

    The Huygens probe will separate from the Cassini orbiter and travel to Titan, on which it will land.

  • first privately-financed flight into space – 21 june
    “To reach space, a carrier aircraft, the White Knight, lifts SpaceShipOne from the runway. An hour later, after climbing to approximately 50,000 feet altitude just east of Mojave, the White Knight releases the spaceship into a glide.

    “The spaceship pilot then fires his rocket motor for about 80 seconds, reaching Mach 3 in a vertical climb. During the pull-up and climb, the pilot encounters G-forces three to four times the gravity of the earth.

    “SpaceShipOne then coasts up to its goal height of 100 km (62 miles) before falling back to earth.”

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End note
the apparent (readily visible or perceivable) passage of a celestial body across the sun or a planet.


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