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26 February
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behaviour and intelligence “atheism is nothing but a non-belief in god” 22 February
behaviour and intelligence socialism in government cartel ‘schools’ 19 February
behaviour and intelligence is ahminastraightjacketorshouldbe a new hitler or a new mao or a new khruschev? 13 February
behaviour and intelligence latest un security council meeting - excuses, lunacy and honour video 5 February
politics eu on greece and eu victimisation 20 February
politics usa obama actively wants to weaken america 18 February
politics usa / eu updated: now includes daniel hannan’s speech
speeches from obama’s intended opposition - videos
17 Feabruary
politics eu can the right save portugal, or has the destruction by the left gone too far? 13 February
politics usa updated: now includes newt’s speech
speeches from obama’s intended opposition - videos
11 February
politics eu
two items on greece:
the euro temple is trembling
how much greek pain will it take to satisfy the german debt collectors?
8 February
politics uk important and very clear statement in the commons by theresa may 7 February
politics eu eussr - pigeons and roosts and coming home 6 February
politics eu germany has a balance of payments surplus with southern europe 2 February
sums will set you free on teaching and learning maths 15 February
alternative energies usa approves first new nuclear power station since 3 mile island 30+ years ago 12 February
economics/politics travel by travel, but not in britain 9 February
fun ‘the dog ate my homework’ is passé 6 February
THE tOUR DE fRANCE tour de france update: andy schleck won the 2010 tour de france 6 February
science and technology nano formation flying video 3 February

Who is Barak Obama?

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