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headlines for december 2003


New translation, the Magna Carta

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 oil marker for articles at news scene one: oil pollution persists
marker for articles at news scene two: the prestige’s course was changed for political reasons
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 oil method for emptying prestige decided 15 December
 oil spanish blame-shifting and obfuscation continues 15 December
 oil single-hull tankers, double-hulled tankers 15 December
 oil and captain scapegoat mangouras? 15 December
science earth on time—again 31 december
science shooting round corners—bendy gun 21 december
science uav advance—computer-piloted helicopter: non-gps inertial and visual con 20 december
science advance notice: streaming live mars images 19 december
science new spitzer drinks in images from space 19 December
science advanced technology lens for 260° view without moving 17 December
science  bacteria to clean galician national park 17 December
science come into my parlour—inviting termites to try it on 3 December
science flood modelling in real time, combining simulation with satellite imaging 3 December
science group claims feedback system tends to produce fractal coastlines 2 December
science an approach to crippling computer virus attacks 1 December
behaviour baby sitting 30 december
behaviour affective computing—computers to 'recognise' emotion 18 December
behaviour educate and save the planet—education is the best birth control known 14 December
behaviour stop the anti-scientific scaremongering—and about time too! 12 December
news-lite ambulance chasing—i wanna defend madsam 30 december
news-lite diamond cutting by computer simulation 19 December
 news-lite playing on stupidity and greed—the nigeria scam 16 December
news-lite lukemia link to tungsten suggested 12 December
news-lite  puffer fish new type painkiller under test 10 December
news-lite russia converts nuclear missiles for satellite launches 10 December
news-lite spam propagators suspected of spamming anti-virus sites with viruses 8 December
news-lite sommat useful—a fruit label that changes colour as the fruit ripens 3 December
reviews Silent Scourge 29 december
reviews what sounds like an excellent book on einstein and his work 2 December
reviews a curious-sounding book on mutations 1 December
ecology environmental standards and childhood 29 december
ecology is soot a greater factor in global warming than previously supposed? 26 december
ecology another warning on global warming 23 December
ecology clathrates and hydrates—words you will increasingly hear 22 December
ecology ocean circulation system seems to be altering 19 December
ecology moving beyond kyoto... 18 December
ecology spain close to making rare seabird extinct 17 December
ecology effects of early humans on ecology suggested 11 December
ecology ecological advantage claimed for gm crop 8 December
ecology  are trees reliable carbon sinks? 4 December
ecology ‘catastrophes’ by crispin tickell 2 December
politics fisking chomsky—a deconstruction 27 december
politics “why should washington respect federalism when that would doing so would restrict its ability to jail the sick?”—us loony drug war 22 december
politics a series of suggestions for lefties needing to distort the news regarding madsam [Saddam Hussein] 19 December
politics is aids, in fact, peaking in africa? 13 December
politics a courageous voice speaks from iran 4 December
politics new large document with much uk government data 1 December
fun twin towers replacement planned as world tallest 21 December
fun  country life in france, or playing with birds 7 December
economics a few years ago, you could trust the franc fort, now china melts it down 14 December
economics a few years ago, you could trust the franc fort, now china melts it down 14 December
economics us deficit? as usual, my analysis accords with that of greenspan 1 December
energy  another move to improved solar cells claimed 5 December
 energy france to be site for €10 billion european fusion reactor 1 December
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