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behaviour and intelligence /  politics.uk  interview with a socialist voter sound recording 31 December
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behaviour and intelligence scotch murder rate higher than 10 usa states graph/diagram included 25 December
behaviour and intelligence education - connecticut murderer 17 December
behaviour and intelligence do people suffer from your dmdd (disruptive mood dysregulation disorder)? 2 December
news-lite to help shepherds watch their sheep photo 28 December
news-lite /  technology  strong, durable, cheap - the cardboard bike video 20 December
world of fundamentalism incredible muslims 27 December
economics skidelsky: how much is enough? video 26 December
economics / politics uk  socialists can’t count and can’t think 9 December
politics uk osborne is a good accountant and a good tactician - but is he a good tory? 24 December
politics a socialist starts in on france with a wrecking ball 23 December
politics eu / economics  latest pretendy euro ‘stability’ fund downgraded 4 December
politics uk we must regulate the press - nonsense 1 December

west antarctica also warming faster than global average - allegedly

24 December
ecology melting ice and thermal expansion 5 December
ecology dispersant makes oil 52.773 times more toxic than original spill 3 December
fun will you be getting a babygro for christmas? photo 22 December
books and other reviews short review: a book by a muslim apologist 19 December
books and other reviews four short reviews: the reconquista in spain, why and how 14 December
short briefings documents introduction expanded: the myth of islamic tolerance in al-andalus 14 December
france bastide: beaumont-du-perigord
12 December
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. building a cathedral - a house of cards 7 December
Architectural wonders and joys at abelard.org californian vertical lift bridge photo 8 December

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