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basic income guarantee

“.... the Hartz concept has created new support for an old idea that is its ideological opposite – the basic income guarantee, or the bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen. This proposes that every citizen should simply be handed an unconditional income, without means-testing or any pressure to work, and thus be allowed to do more or less what they want with their lives.”

A citizen’s wage (or basic guarenteed income) is driven by logic. People can resist logic only so long.

The more wealthy a society becomes, the more the pressure will grow. The main block is emotional attachment to Puritanism. Notice that Germany is getting there by forcing rationality on the labour force. Socialism destroy societies.

The evidence is all around. Several western governments have lived beyond their means. With lunatics like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown ‘promising’ what could not be delivered in a sustainable manner just in order to buy the votes of the naive and gullible.

Germany has not done that.

Chile is also an interesting study. The Left and unions were stripped of power, and social services reduced in line with what the country could actually sustainably afford. Chile remains on a steady upward path.

From the campaign for franchise by examination.

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osborne is a good accountant and a good tactician - but is he a good tory?

“Hence his so-called “universal credit”, a single system of payments to the out-of-work and poorly paid alike, which will end the anomalies and perverse incentives of the system inherited from New Labour, and is due to be introduced next year. It is based on the same principles as the system advocated by Frank Field, another devout Christian who worked briefly at the Department of Social Security (as it then was) in 1997/98 before being politically eliminated by Gordon Brown.

“It is fair to say that Mr Osborne now wants to do to Mr Duncan Smith what Gordon Brown did to Frank Field 14 years ago, and for the same reason. The Treasury has always hated the idea of the universal credit, mainly because it is expensive. It is no coincidence that Sir Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary, a former Treasury official who served for many years under Mr Brown, is one of George Osborne’s closest allies in this increasingly vicious Whitehall war.”

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we must regulate the press - nonsense

Every month, the fossil press loses sales.

The net is the regulator. Every time the fossil media makes another error or daft statement, the denizens of the net publicise the erring media.

The transparent society is upon us. Intelligent people adjust.

The tide will run however much government enquiries bluster and pose.

As usual the dopes are fighting the last war.

Tony Blair, Ed Miliband - more laws good, less laws bad..

Some pundit on Newsnight: David Cameron doesn’t know his business because he’s not a lawyer.

We can’t possibly rely on the press. We can’t possibly rely on elected politicians. We can’t possibly rely on political parties. We need unelected, highly paid lawyers to tell everyone what to do.

Brian Leveson is a lawyer. We need more laws.

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multiculturalism generates foolish factionalism

“A couple have had three foster children removed from their care because they belong to the UK Independence Party.”

They’re obviously racist or they wouldn’t be looking after children who are not ‘indigenously white’.

For many years, I've said that ‘social’ ‘workers’ are out of any reasonable legal control, and every one I’ve ever dealt with is incompetent beyond belief.

It’s about time they were put under proper legal control/restraints.

‘Multiculturalism’ is racist. It encourages people in a society to identify with factionalism, instead of to relate to individuals on merit and common interests. It encourages factionalism in place of community solidarity and shared endeavour.

The more these socialists can engender divisiveness, the easier it is to impose dictatorship, and the harder it is for societies to resist invasions.

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leveson, gove, boris and press freedom

The linked article is a bit disordered, but you should scan it.

“...He said that the Spectator, which is once again being edited by a comprehensive school graduate, is a meritocratic beacon in an otherwise privileged world. The Guardian, for instance, has never been edited by someone from a comprehensive school, and no common oik has ever been the BBC’s DG....”

Shortly, we will start to see whether David Cameron really is on the side of the good guys.

He has to deal with the EUSSR grab for ever more money, and he has to respond to Leveson’s nonsense.

Anyone can talk a good fight, but only real world acts matter. Ed Miliband is now telling us he’s a one nation Tory and a Eurosceptic. I’ll just bet there are fools out there who will believe him.

Also from the linked article:

“Years from now, political historians may regard 2012’s Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year Awards as the first round of Boris Johnson versus Michael Gove in the race to be Tory leader.”

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