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sociology - The meaning of survival in the human state

The meaning of survival in the human state

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New translation, the Magna Carta
herds and the individual - sociology, the ephemeral nature of groups
counting beliefs - irrational associations
logicians, 'logic' and madness
intelligence and madness
irrational actions - analysis of behaviour
co-operation and being nice
the problem of moderation
expanding and dying chains
the individual or the common good
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The meaning of survival in the human state

continues from the moderation problem.
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on sociology on socialism 'social' economics supporting resources
and background documents
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Introdution - socialism & sociology
sociology - the structure of analysing belief systems

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    1. A great deal of human behaviour is driven by blind survival drives.

    2. Humans are becoming conscious, and need to understand how to control those drives, otherwise they will wreck the planet and themselves with it.

    3. The prime inherited drives are to breed and to not be eaten.

    4. Humans are often a damn nuisance to each other.
      They form collectives which interfere with their ability to get on with their own lives.

    5. Yet, if they do not form collectives, other collectives attempt to invade and thus otherwise to disrupt their lives.

    6. Thus they tax each other, they tend to war against each other, instead of getting on with their own quiet and productive lives.

    7. Much of the abelard.org website describes the logic of just getting on with your lives.
      But then comes the irrationalist, collective pressures.

    8. However, if you are not part of a collective, for instance a nation, you are vulnerable to any highwayman or opportunist dirtbag.

    9. Thus there is a conflict between your independence and your simple wish to be left alone.

    10. These insecurities tend to drive most people to overvalue money and commit all manner of crimes to get their hands on money.

      breaking paranoia's positive feedbacks
    11. Paranoia sets up dangerous positive feedbacks.

    12. The black is paranoid of the police, and so acts negative,    suspicious, uncooperative.

    13. So the police learn to expect it.
      In turn, they become nervous, irritable.

    14. Thence blacks, gypsies or other minorities in turn learn to distrust police (and other would-be 'authorities') .

    15. This is a generalised problem in human behaviour.

      It cannot be stopped until people learn better people skills.
      Thus, it is better that such skills taught systematically in society.
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