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possible impacts to business from current japanese nuclear problem

Business tries to guess how much money they can lose or gain.

“Trouble is, 23 of them are similar in design to those currently failing in Japan. In the short-term, investors would be wise to steer clear of any nuclear stocks like uranium producers Cameco (NYSE: CCJ, Stock Forum) and USEC (NYSE: USU, Stock Forum) at least until we see how the fluid events in Japan play out.

“The bottom line is this: Don’t buy these stocks now, in hopes of a contrarian bounce. In the short term, we could see more pullbacks and increased volatility as the situation unfolds.

“However, once the situation settles, these stocks (and others) could offer excellent buying opportunities, as there’s no question that nuclear power will continue to play a significant role in the world’s electrical power generation equation.”

Scientists try to learn lessons and work out what to do.

Politicians try to craft caring words to increase their vote shares.

While the fossil media emote as hard as they can.

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