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is this the end of another fascist ‘new’ labour outrage?

This is also clearly relevant to Julian Assange.

“MPs have urged the government to improve safeguards for British citizens wanted by authorities overseas by reforming extradition laws, indicating the strength of political feeling in support of Gary McKinnon, who has been battling for six years against a US extradition bid to face hacking charges.

“The Commons agreed without a vote to call on ministers to bring forward new laws and attempt to change the UK-US extradition treaty and the European arrest warrant.” [Quoted from]

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“WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be able to ask the U.K. Supreme Court to block his extradition to Sweden on rape claims after a judge said the clarification of an issue in the case would benefit the public.

“Assange’s lawyers successfully argued British citizens would benefit from a final ruling on whether prosecutors, as opposed to judges, have authority to issue European arrest warrants. Assange argues his warrant is invalid because the Swedish prosecutor who issued it isn’t a “judicial authority,” as required under the law for Europe’s shared warrant system.” [Quoted from]

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on the leveson inquiry

Context: In the wake of the confirmation of phone-hacking and other activities by The News of the World reporters, this parliamentary inquiry is taking evidence from various people whose telephones have been hacked, rubbish bins riffled, homes besieged and so on, as an aid to creating apparently newsworthy stories.

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The web is steadily making it much more difficult for the media establishment to lie and to cover their lies.

You can trust nothing in the fossil media. Anyone who has direct contact with the fossil media knows that.

What is coming out of the ‘inquiry’ is very widespread and known to anyone informed. These are not ‘special cases’ limited to one channel or one newspaper.

I once asked a TV media team member why they behaved in their dishonest and disgraceful manner. He said, “The first thing we learn is the priority is to decide who is the baddy”, or words very close to that.

They don’t care how much they lie. In fact, they pay people to lie about others, because they are then in a position to lie by saying, “A source told us that”.

When all else fails and they can find no quote to distort, media wonks make up fake ‘quotes’.

The intent of this inquiry will be detect “a few bad apples” and then return to business as usual.

Only by educating people to understand the way the fossil media really behave can anything be done about it. That means serious education in schools and through the net. This is made more difficult in that relatively few people have direct experience of the reptiles. Generally, there is a constant default position that the fossil media can be trusted, and there are even a few daft enough to defend the reptiles’ disgusting behaviour.

Anybody in direct contact with the fossil media also knows that any attempt to confront or expose them leads to further and enhanced attacks. It is at least good to see that difficulty starting to be aired by those talking to the inquiry.

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was guido silenced at whittingdale committee?

“But against the odds the majority of Lords on the joint privacy and injunctions select committee were awake when chairman and John Whittingdale stopped Paul Staines, aka Guido Fawkes in his tracks when the blogger began to talk about Tom Watson.

“ Whittingdale stopped Fawkes in his tracks, saying "I don't want to go into individual cases... I don't want to use this committee to air allegations that you would not make outside the committee" - and revelations were limited to the news that Zac Goldsmith and Jemima Khan had tried to prosecute the blog abroad. Oh, and how an intervention from leading law firm Carter Ruck over a story about hair dye had led to the blogs' servers being based abroad.”


Roughly the first 11 minutes are blanked out. Now I know why - go to minute 45.

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transparent society or shark pool or supersurveillance?

“As soon as I woke up this morning my privacy was compromised. My Android phone has GPS enabled so that the phone, and any widget on it, can determine my geolocation. I am pretty careful about checking the permissions on the widgets I install, but not everyone is, and even I am capable of making errors.”

“After breakfast, it was time for me to travel so I got in my car and drove downtown. Simple enough, right? Except for my car’s OnStar system. Although I let the free subscription run out after my first year, according to OnStar they are working out details to monitor the system even if I am no longer a subscriber.”

“... so I stopped for coffee first. I opened my iPad at the coffee shop, and checked up on email and local news. I chuckled about the fact that the coffee shop had four wireless networks available. Although I knew that the one labeled “free internet access” was not the shop’s wireless network, I wondered how many of the other 20 or so people in the coffee shop had picked that one since it was the first one in the list of available networks. I connected to email via https session.”

And much more, often interspersed with more helpful advice.

But it is interesting to consider, where does transparency end and stalking or other intrusion, whether private, commercial or government, begin?

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on echr article 8 and judicial activism

“In Ireland the ECHR was incorporated into the constitution only in 2006, Irish judges so far have taken the Wakeham view, correctly in Guido’s opinion, that Article 8 is to protect individuals from unlawful privacy violations by the state and agencies of the state. It protects individuals only from journalists who use illegal means; hacking, stealing photos, sneaking onto private property and similar. It has not so far been used to hide the embarrassment of adulterous politicians and footballers. That is how Article 8 should be properly interpreted and parliament should make the law explicitly clear.”


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a very small price to pay to maintain the power of ‘judges’

Fascist ‘New’ Labour have struggled heroically to establish a socialist peoples paradise. We should not lose all the great gains made under President Bliar and Commissar Brown the Clown.. Surely we can easily solve out problems with a few concentration camps?

Secrecy is a vital component in a free democratic socialist republic.

“Using parliamentary privilege to break the court order, he said it would not be practical to imprison the 75,000 Twitter users who had named the player.”


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