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yo-yo a go-go – what yo-yo fans should know-know two GoldenYak (tm) award

“The main difference between high-tech yo-yos today and all the yo-yos that went before is the time that the modern ones can spin at the ends of their strings. In yo-yo parlance, that's called sleeping. A few decades ago, a good player could make a yo-yo sleep for 15 to 20 seconds. Last October at the World Yo-Yo Championships in Chico, Calif., Rick Wyatt made his yo-yo sleep for 14.03 minutes, a new record.”

“ Instead of weaving complex string patterns with sleeping yo-yos, some yo-yoers pursue another type of play in which their yo-yos are ever zooming to the ends of their strings and back. Called loopers, these players keep their yo-yos—often one in each hand—continuously in orbit, or looping, in long, elliptical sweeps.”

Long article that includes the physics of yo-yos, a history, and a discussion of the latest yo-yo technology and development (includes links).



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