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New translation, the Magna Carta
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islamic authoritarianism

on french attempts to deal with islamist loons

“The imam's extreme views were well known among Muslims in the region and drew the attention of the local authorities last year after he reportedly issued a fatwa, or religious edict, calling for jihad against American interests in France.

“The Interior Ministry issued an expulsion order in February, but did not immediately execute it. Then, in early April, a local publication, Lyon Mag, published an interview with Bouziane in which he spoke about his support for the Koran's teaching that adulterous women should be stoned and that it was a man's right to strike his wife if she was unfaithful.”

“ But the expulsion drew sharp criticism from many Muslims across France, who saw it as part of a broader attack on Muslims by the French state. The country has recently issued a law banning girls from wearing Muslim veils at school, for example.”

Note: this recent law forbids the wearing of all “ostentatious” religious signs. The Jewish yarmulke [1] and the Christianist cross are forbidden, as well as the Muslim veil. Also banned are headbands (bandanas) “worn with the intention of being a religious sign”; these are often worn as a substitute for a full veil.

related material
islamic authoritarianism

end notes

  1. Yarmulke: a Jewish ritual skull cap. Also known as koppel, capel, coppel, kippah.




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