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some news items are of interest, but not rated by abelard as convincing or significant enough for placement in abelard’s main news archives. Such items may be found here.
New translation, the Magna Carta



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news lite


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Profession by Isaac Asimov

asimov film

At last, a film based on Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot series - unfortunately, advertised on an overblown, clumsy site.

Related material:
Profession by Isaac Asimov

mining copper by bio-leaching

“"A Japanese-Chilean research firm, BioSigma S.A., reported last week its first major breakthrough in developing new technology that uses bacteria to extract copper from poor quality mineral at a low cost.”

“The company, created in 2002, aims to develop bioleaching methods that are cheaper and cleaner than common smelting as well as ways of identifying and cloning proteins and bacteria for use in mining.”

berners lee finally gets paid!

“ Tim Berners-Lee, the man who invented the World Wide Web, has won the Finnish Technology Award Foundation's first-ever Millennium Technology Prize.”

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