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the Prestige debacle (March 2003)

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the Prestige, March 2004
spain still holds captain scapegoat mangouras prisoner—
at last uk media speaks out

“There is no sign of a trial. After three months in a Spanish jail and payment by the London P&I Club of a record €3 million (£1.99 million) bail, his incarceration was reduced to house arrest. With his passport confiscated, he remains confined to a flat in Spain and required to report daily to the police. Despite pleas for his freedom from the Greek Government, shipping organisations and European parliamentarians, Spain is determined to punish the Greek captain.” has been reporting this saga and scandal since the very beginning. The latest item can be found here...and much detail traced back through related item links.

What is interesting is this is the first serious report that we have seen in the UK press, despite having an active trace out on the scandal.

It seems the brave UK media is not keen on seriously crossing governments, or reporting on what is among the worst environmental catastrophes of the last century outside war and the communist block. It is interesting to observe that that a much less damaging spill by Exxon received so many column yards, whereas the disaster on the European doorstep is quietly ignored.

I am hard pressed to believe this silence is mere lack of news interest.

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