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japan government offer of a good deal is “inhumane” and “insulting” - the auroran sunset

“Under the emergency program, introduced this month, the country’s Brazilian and other Latin American guest workers are offered $3,000 toward air fare, plus $2,000 for each dependent — attractive lump sums for many immigrants here. Workers who leave have been told they can pocket any amount left over.

“But those who travel home on Japan’s dime will not be allowed to reapply for a work visa. Stripped of that status, most would find it all but impossible to return. They could come back on three-month tourist visas. Or, if they became doctors or bankers or held certain other positions, and had a company sponsor, they could apply for professional visas.”

The same article describes this simple offer of such a deal as “inhumane”. It further calls it an “insult” to “the community”, whatever that might be. I have heard many other fools calling the offer “racist” and just about any boo word they can think of.

These socialists are beyond parody. Even offering a deal is somehow evil, even if the offer is a very generous one. No doubt it is also inhumane and insulting for countries to offer paths to residency and citizenship through payment, whether in money or in skills, as is now the case in just about every major nation.

The socialists are not satisfied with murdering hundreds of millions of innocents over the last century. Now they want to remove the biggest single mechanism working to bring improving standards of living to the poor - trade.

Socialism is quite simply pure evil. As with cholera, anyone with the public interest in mind, especially of the poor, must work to eradicate this curse on humanity.


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uk budget: ‘new’ labour demonstrates socialist intelligence

For all the posturing of the Left, they never tell the truth or act altruistically in real terms, and they always avoid difficult decisions.

They merely talk about how wonderful they are going to be in the future. Meanwhile, they always go on a spending spree in an attempt to buy votes from those who are not bright enough to realise they are being conned. The Labour goverment continues to eat the financial seed corn until the country is starving.

Thus, there is a political seesaw of socialists ruining any society they touch, then leaving responsible adults to clean up the mess.

The world will be far better off when socialism expires completely.

This was one of the prime problems that Victorians envisaged when democracy was being discussed and developed - that the inpecunuous and foolish would vote themselves handouts from the workers and wealth producers.

For all their rhetoric, socialists have a vested interest in ignorance.

From the campaign for franchise by examination.


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britain has the best police force in the world -
nothing much changes other than this week’s targets

Banned by the Brown Broadcasting Corporation:

“the british police are the best in the world
i don't believe one of these stories i've heard
'bout them raiding our pubs for no reason at all
lining the customers up by the wall
picking out people and knocking them down
resisting arrest as they're kicked on the ground
searching their houses and calling them queer
i don't believe that sort of thing happens here” [Sourced from aoiko.net]


As performed by Tom Robinson Band:

2:47 mins

From a correspondent:

“Just like all the other icons of perversion, Warhol, Mappelforth, Crisp, et al, Robinson will die and then endure an eternity of conscious damnation.

“ I very much doubt if he will be glad to be gay, then.”

Such comments can only be regarded as extremely shallow and foolish.

However, they can be expected from those who do not take the time to think adequately.

Here is the way Niemöller put it in 1968:

“When Hitler attacked the Jews I was not a Jew, therefore, I was not concerned. And when Hitler attacked the Catholics, I was not a Catholic, and therefore, I was not concerned. And when Hitler attacked the unions and the industrialists, I was not a member of the unions and I was not concerned. Then, Hitler attacked me and the Protestant church - and there was nobody left to be concerned.”

The very reason dictatorships, and poor police forces and other dregs, get away with the behaviour is because of fools who allow bullies to get away with disgraceful behaviour. Because those people are cowards and are prepared to see vulnerable minorities attacked, those people are the ones who pave the way for the very worst dictatorships, and other civil misbehaviour.

Comments such as those quoted make their originators fully complicit in the disgraceful behaviours of those ignorant and barbarous governments. The comments would have been very welcome by Adolf and a bunch of other socialists seeking dictatorial power. They’d have been very welcome by the likes of Ahminastraightjacketorshouldbe and his various hangers on.

Such commentors need to rethink their position and their highly foolhardy comments.


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nepotism and resignations as ‘new’ labour blunders on

Now the jackals of the fossil media dare to attack ‘new’ Labour. Nepotists attempt to push 22 year old daughter into parliament, while another relative is elected easily. An election to be re-run when a ballot box seal is broken. And even a loyal ex-MP has resigned from her party after other recent party grubbliness.

“.... Stephanie Booth [mother-in-law to Cherie Blair née Booth and Tony Blair], 53, was selected as Labour's parliamentary candidate for the Calder Valley seat in West Yorkshire. On the night of the count, Mrs Booth secured 22 votes, while rival Susan Press won 35. However, when postal votes were added, Mrs Booth won by 95 to 52. " (16th April)

“Susan Press has written on her blog: "I lost the vote but two-thirds of the people who turned out voted for me. 35 votes to 22. A huge swathe of postal votes did not. I wish Stephenie Booth the best in her fight to retain Calder Valley.. But let's be clear. The current process in the Labour Party is wrong. I lost because I had very little time to defeat the machine. I won the popular vote with the people who were there to make a considered decision based on what I said and what I stood for.” [Quoted from hebdenbridge.co.uk]

Marker at abelard.org

An allegedly safe seat, only females need to apply.

“The selection of the Labour candidate for a safe seat was postponed last night after it was found that a ballot box had been tampered with. The process of choosing a prospective candidate for Erith and Thamesmead had already been the subject of allegations of 'irregularities'.

“A London Labour spokesman said that today’s hustings, and vote, had been postponed and an investigation instigated by Ray Collins, the party’s general secretary. The ballot box in question was being stored at the headquarters of the London regional Labour party when it was discovered that it had been interfered with.

“Georgia Gould, 22, daughter of Tony Blair’s former pollster Lord Gould of Brookwood, is the favoured candidate of Labour figures such as Tessa Jowell, the Olympics Minister, and Alastair Campbell, the former spin doctor. Today party members in the constituency had been scheduled to select a replacement for John Austin, MP for the southeast London seat.” [Quoted from timesonline.co.uk]

Marker at abelard.org

“A Former Labour MP has quit the party after half-a-century in the wake of the government's e-mail smears scandal.

“Veteran left-winger Alice Mahon says she was "shocked and absolutely scandalised" by Downing Street official Damian McBride’s attempts to smear top Tories.

“Mahon, 71, MP for Halifax between 1987 and 2005 accused the party of betraying its principles and was on course for election defeat.

“Ms Mahon said it was a difficult decision to quit the party, but said: "I can no longer be a member of a party that at the leadership level has betrayed many of the values and principles that inspired me as a teenager to join." ” [Quoted from timesonline.co.uk]


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yet another newsnight howler -
“politics has always been like this, like with henry 2”

Yes, but King Henry II took responsibility. King Henry did serious penance and got the monks to thrash him (after he’d ensured the murder of his Archbishop Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral).

Whereas Gordon the Clown wasn’t there....

Where are the monks when you need them?

All ‘New’ Labour are offering is another line to be drawn for Brown the Clown to hide under/behind.


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the net versus the fossil media

The fossil media is essentially one way, despite the pretence at ‘debate’ through the use of selected comments or ‘replies’.

The net is two way. It is thereby essentially/fundamentally superior.

There are not quality standards in the fossil media. The fossil media is inherently biased and thereby shallow.

On the web, your reputation is constantly subject to criticism and your ability to support an ‘argument’. The net proceeds by the basic methods of empiric science, where pronouncements are under constant testing. The fossil media is mere untested opinion. It is essentially propaganda, not discussion or even democracy.

The net is a giant move forward in social interaction. It is at least as important as the introduction and growth of printing.

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precedent set as government pays for home schooling

A step towards school vouchers.

“Parents who refused to send their children to one of the country’s worst schools have been paid a £10,450 State grant to teach them at home.

“Essex County Council made the one-off payment to six families who kept the four boys and two girls away from Bishops Park College in Clacton-on-Sea and hired home tutors.”

“Under normal circumstances, parents who remove their children from schools are responsible for paying for their education.

“The payment was described by the council as ‘exceptional’, but it may encourage others in similar circumstances to apply for State funding.

“The parents, who include a garden furniture manufacturer, a florist, a market trader and a former cafe owner, were offered places for their children at the failing secondary school despite refusing to name it on a list of preferred choices.

“For the past six months, they have been paying £100 a week in tutor fees and other expenses.

“The 11 and 12-year-olds are now doing so well their tutor is considering entering them for an English GCSE this summer, four years early.”

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who benefits from the cries of ‘crisis’?

The people trying to use the alleged ‘crisis’ are the leftist politicians who believe their dreams are coming true, not those naughty shadowy bankers.

There is a small window where both the UK and the USA have extreme leftists at the top, though in one year the Brown the Clown will be gone.

The European rightists are now close to dominating Europe. They are moderates compared with the extremists on the Republican right. The small window exists while the softer right in Europe appears to lack the courage, and while Britain remains in thrall to extreme socialists and so unwilling, to face down the nutcase in America.

Now the vultures are gathering to exploit this window - Russia, China and anyone else who hopes to grab a quick snack, even North Korea.

By sheer accident, Brown the Clown is in a position do extreme damage through stupidity and extremism. Fortunately, Sarkosy is very bright, Merkel is steady and apparently honourable, and Berlusconi is no fool. I doubt the brains in the USA will allow the tenant of the White House much leeway.

Meanwhile, the markets are steadily hardening, though the socialist loons desperately hope they will not steady sufficiently prior to forcing through their socialist idiocies.

The socialist mantra is simple - Never let a crisis go to waste, even if you have to run round in circles screaming and shouting “the house is on fire”, while hoping no-one will stop to check!


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obama the great orator decoded

Yet another example of Obama’s public speaking inability when without his teleprompter. Now even the Groaniad sees through the man of the hour!

Obama and Brown the Clown answered questions from reporters during a London press conference.

This question was asked by Nick Robinson. The answer has been given a gloss by John Crace [in italics and adding Obama’s thoughts in CAPITALS].

“Nick Robinson: "A question for you both, if I may. The prime minister has repeatedly blamed the United States of America for causing this crisis. France and Germany both blame Britain and America for causing this crisis. Who is right? And isn't the debate about that at the heart of the debate about what to do now?" Brown immediately swivels to leave Obama in pole position. There is a four-second delay before Obama starts speaking [THANKS FOR NOTHING, GORDY BABY. REMIND ME TO HANG YOU OUT TO DRY ONE DAY.] Barack Obama: "I, I, would say that, er ... pause [I HAVEN'T A CLUE] ... if you look at ... pause [WHO IS THIS NICK ROBINSON JERK?] ... the, the sources of this crisis ... pause [JUST KEEP GOING, BUDDY] ... the United States certainly has some accounting to do with respect to ... pause [I'M IN WAY TOO DEEP HERE] ... a regulatory system that was inadequate to the massive changes that have taken place in the global financial system ... pause, close eyes [ . . . ] ”

And more.


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