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the anger of the left - the war on the individual
submitted by The FACE that lunched on a thousand planets

  • “The difference between socialism and fascism is superficial and purely formal.[...] under fascism, men retain the semblance or pretense of private property, but the government holds total power over its use and disposal.[...] If 'ownership' means the right to determine the use and disposal of material goods, then Nazism endowed the state with every real prerogative of ownership. What the individual retained was merely a formal deed, a contentless deed, which conferred no rights on its holder. Under communism, there is collective ownership of property _de jure_. Under Nazism, there is the same collective ownership _de facto_” [Ayn Rand (Lexicon 159, 161)]

  • “Comrades! We must abolish the cult of the individual decisively, once and for all.” [Nikita Khrushchev]

  • “All our lives we fought against exalting the individual, against the elevation of the single person.” [Vladimir Lenin]

  • “There is the great, silent, continuous struggle: the struggle between the State and the Individual.” [Benito Mussolini]

  • “The main plank in the National Socialist program is to abolish the liberalistic concept of the individual” [Adolph Hitler]

  • “At a time when our entire country is banding together and facing down individualism, the Patriots set a wonderful example, showing us all what is possible when we work together, believe in each other, and sacrifice for the greater good.” [Ted Kennedy]

  • “We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.” [Hillary Clinton, 1993]

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socialist religions

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bush on global warming

“[...] Bush, in an interview with Reuters, said he doubted there could be an effective approach to dealing with climate change globally without the participation of major polluters China and India.

“The leaders of the United States, Britain, Russia, Canada, Japan and Italy meet on June 6-8 in the Baltic resort town of Heligendamm, Germany, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has put climate change high on the agenda.

“Asked if he expected an agreement to come out of the summit, Bush said: "Too early to tell right now. I would hope so. I hope we can reach an agreement on some basic principles ... I think we can reach agreement on principles."

“He said he wanted to work with the Europeans, Chinese and Indians to come up with a way forward that reduces greenhouse gasses blamed for global warming without endangering economic growth and promotes environmentally conscious technologies.” [Quoted from]

And for those dinosaurs who read and believe the leftist fossil media.
From June 2001:

“Good morning. I've just met with senior members of my administration who are working to develop an effective and science-based approach to addressing the important issues of global climate change. [President Bush makes a statement about global climate change on Monday, June 11 at the White House.]

“This is an issue that I know is very important to the nations of Europe, which I will be visiting for the first time as President. The earth's well-being is also an issue important to America. And it's an issue that should be important to every nation in every part of our world.

“The issue of climate change respects no border. Its effects cannot be reined in by an army nor advanced by any ideology. Climate change, with its potential to impact every corner of the world, is an issue that must be addressed by the world.

“The Kyoto Protocol was fatally flawed in fundamental ways. But the process used to bring nations together to discuss our joint response to climate change is an important one. That is why I am today committing the United States of America to work within the United Nations framework and elsewhere to develop with our friends and allies and nations throughout the world an effective and science-based response to the issue of global warming.” [Quoted from]

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going green, american style
going green, american style - part 2

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what the media doesn’t point out

  • Gordon Brown is reiterating support for the Iraq action.
  • Nicholas Sarkozy has now displaced the appeaser (and worse) in France.
  • Angela Merkel has replaced the excuse for a man in Germany.
  • The Lebanese army is now turning on the loonies.
  • The ‘Democrats’ are now less popular than Bush after a mere few weeks.
  • Iraq is far from the chaos the leftist media wish to pretend.

You could further add:

  • George Bush was re-elected.
  • Tony Bliar was re-elected.
  • John Howard was re-elected.

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france finally has a leader - the auroran sunset

“President Sarkozy yesterday appointed as Foreign Minister a socialist rights crusader who backed the US-British invasion of Iraq" [...]

“The Socialist Opposition, in whose governments Dr Kouchner had served as Minister for Health and Humanitarian Action, immediately denounced him as a traitor and expelled him from the party.

“Dr Kouchner, a 1968 student activist, has dedicated his career to humanitarian relief in war zones since he co-founded the Medecins sans Frontieres organisation after working in Biafra in 1971. He is best known for developing the theory of "humanitarian intervention" to justify international action against dictators who flout human rights. In 2003 he was the only senior public figure in France to approve the intervention in Iraq. A staunch pro-European, he will implement Mr Sarkozy's promises to "oppose tyrants and dictators" and inject more morality in France's dealings with the world.”

Chirac’s cowardice and complicity with regard to Saddam greatly damaged France’s reputation and power. Sarkozy has now made it clear that he recognizes the damage the idiot he follows did, and that he is willing to fix the problem.

Chirac sent warships to cooperate with Chinese exercises off Taiwan, designed to intimidate the democracy just before an election.

Both Sarkozy and his foreign minister say they want to threaten boycott of the Beijing Olympics to pressure China over their support for the genocide in Darfur.

The world just keeps on improving. No wonder there are so many other-siders whining in the fossil media and elsewhere.

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france’s segolene royale: her socialist meltdown

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the clown’s [brown] control freak britain

“While other European countries have decentralised, Britain has gone the other way. In France, where the local mairie is a prominent feature of every community, there are 37,000 units of local administration; in Germany there are 16,000. In the United Kingdom there are just 472. Whereas in France there are 116 electors to every elected official, in Britain the ratio is 2,605:1. [From p.13 of Big Bang Localism] These figures come from a pamphlet (Big Bang Localism: A Rescue Plan for British Democracy) written for the Policy Exchange think-tank by Simon Jenkins, the former editor of The Times. He observes that almost all of Europe's governments realised back in the 1970s that they were over-centralised and began a programme of reforms that handed most public services to provincial, municipal and communal councils, including housing, schools, public buildings and hospitals. By and large, they work better than ours.

“Almost all Europeans now vote for local mayors and for two or three tiers of local government. Who, visiting Continental towns and cities, can fail to notice the civic pride and better services that this form of local democracy has produced compared with our centralised, creaking, target-laden system? There is another spin-off: because so many decisions are taken locally - and money is raised locally rather than being handed out by central government to grateful forelock-tugging supplicants - the turn-out in community elections is far higher and satisfaction with public services is commensurately greater.”

The following is no bad description of the mechanics of socialism steadily destroying a society and economy.

Big Bang Localism: A Rescue Plan for British Democracy: 137-page .pdf file.

Worth a quick scan... or “read it and weep”.

“The targets were entirely top down and applied throughout the public sector. They varied from the specific to the meaningless and embraced the hilarious.Hospitals had targets for vaccination and for cutting deaths from heart disease. Schools had targets for GCSEs, for truants, for class sizes, for reading ages. Academics had targets for scholarly output, with the Treasury at one point measuring the numbers of pages written. Kew Gardens had a target to "receive 30,000 herbarium specimens a year". The Atomic Energy Authority was targeted to "increase the proportion of favourable media coverage by 43.9 per cent". The Meat and Livestock Commission was charged with "maintaining the proportion of people saying they 'eat as much meat as ever'." The Foreign Office had targets for global "peace and stability" and for achieving "a step change in the UKís relations with the rest of Europe". While the idea of an institutional objective was understandable, there seemed no limit to its fatuity in practice.” [pp.48-49]

marker at

“Nigel Lawson as Chancellor had famously demanded that the Treasury have "a finger in pretty well every pie that the government bakes". By 1999 Mr Blair had four fingers and a thumb. In his conference speech that year he boasted that every local authority in Britain had "500 clear, demanding targets" covering all public services. A year later the office of his deputy, John Prescott, decided the total was 2,500, including 500 for transport alone. The Liberal Democrats claimed the total was more like 6,000. Nor was this targetry just indicative. Hilary Armstrong's Local Government Act 1999 introduced draconian powers to enforce compliance with Best Value targets. Her Clause 14 enabled the centre, by statutory instrument, to vary or overrule anything that a local authority might do, the socalled "Henry VIII" provision. Within two years there were 42 such interventions in local education and social services alone.

“The Audit Commission became the Red Guards of what some termed the Treasury's "Cultural Revolution". In the first four years of Labour its costs rose from £80m to £130m, of which its local inspection programme rose from £800,000 to £50m. The result was predictable. Public administration obeyed Goodhart's Law, that any quantified measure of service soon makes the measure the goal. Schools fixed league tables by engineering admissions and exclusions. Hospitals engineered mortality rates by refusing hard cases, and massaged their waiting lists by concentrating on simple operations. The latter in 2003 led the Audit Commission to condemn "major breaches of public 50 Big Bang Localism trust". But it never blamed its own target culture. Told that crime would be measured by the speed of response to 999 calls, the police increased car speeds and killed hundreds more citizens as a result.” [pp.50-51]

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no portillo - for all his faults, it was socialist johnny who made bliar

By seeing off the extremism of Pillock [Niel Kinnock] and [John] Smith, socialist Johnny [Major] made it impossible for socialist Labour to go straight back into tax and spend, nationalisation and the usual Labour destruction of the UK economy. It was also socialist Johnny who gave us socialism-lite and put the Tory party out of power for a decade.

Certainly it is that process that has now finally made the removal of the socialist coup in the Tory party possible. So yes, Michael Portillo is correct in claiming that Tony Bliar has now, by accident, reformed the Tory party.

Now, with ‘a little bit of luck’, the Clown will finally finish off socialism in the UK. If only the socialist coup in the (now falsely named) Liberal Democrats can reclaim that party from the invaders. May be we can dream of finally seeing the end of Socialism in Britain.

“New Labour, they say, was Margaret Thatcher's greatest achievement. By setting the course of British politics for nearly two decades she forced her opponents away from unilateral nuclear disarmament and obliged them to accept trade union reform, income tax no higher than 40%, the sale of council houses and privatisation. Last week, as Tony Blair announced his departure from politics, it struck home that his greatest success is the new Tory party.” [Quoted from]

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“there is a reason why i have been using this ridiculous, high-falutin language.” letwin

For those who still mistakenly imagine that Cameron is just another empty shell like Bliar/Brown, here is the heart of Tory policy thinking.

It is chalk from cheese, and sets out the fundamental Tory distaste for Bliar/Clown socialism.

Any person who can think clearly will realise the natural changes in policy that this analysis prefigures.

It is not yet clarified in rhetoric for electioneering, but the objectives are very clear. It is the usual choice between individual freedom and socialist statist collectivism.

“There is a reason why I have been using this ridiculous, high-falutin language.

“I want to make the point that ridiculous high-falutin language is not the sole prerogative of Gordon Brown with his post neo-classical endogenous growth theory [...]

“Nor of David Miliband with his "emphasis on the value of equality and solidarity...supplemented by renewed commitment to the extension of personal autonomy in an increasingly interdependent world".

“You shouldn't think that, just because someone uses complicated words, they have a coherent theory. And you shouldn't think that, just because someone tries, most of the time to speak in plain English, they don't have a theory.

“Cameron Conservatives have a strong attachment to plain English. That is because we think that it is easier to think clearly in clear language. But this has misled some people who think that theories come in complicated language to think we haven't got one.

“And my point is that, despite our general preference for plain language, we do have a theory. It can be expressed (as I have just expressed it) in complicated language. It can also be expressed (as I am about to do) in much simpler terms.”

“And as a recent report from UNICEF showed - a report which put Britain at the bottom of the international league table for the well-being of children - it's not that Britain is the sick man of Europe; we're becoming the sick family of Europe...The mission of the modern Conservative Party, could not be clearer. It is to bring about Britain's social revival: to improve the quality of life for everyone in our country, increasing our well-being, not just our wealth.”

“The provision-theory accepts the free market as the engine of economic growth. But, just as Clause 4 socialism once saw the state as the proper provider of goods and services through ownership of the means of production, so the provision-theorists of Brownian New Labour see the state as the proper provider of public services and of well-being through direction and control.

“The tell-tale marks of provision-theory are to be seen in much of the record of the last ten years - the targets and directives, the reorganisations, schemes and initiatives. Direct government intervention has been brought - with the best of intentions, though often with notable lack of practical success - to bear on schools and hospitals, police officers and neighbourhoods, local authorities and universities [...]

“The state has been seen as the source of enlightened social action, just as it was once seen as the source of enlightened economic action.”

“The first intuition is that human enterprise, initiative, vocation and morale are the things that lead to progress and sustainable success in the socio-environmental sphere, just as in the economic sphere. The second, allied intuition is that command and control systems eventually fall under their own weight because they stifle enterprise, initiative, vocation and morale.

“And the third intuition is that a framework which leads people to internalise their social responsibilities and to fulfil those responsibilities of their own volition in their own ways is accordingly a much more powerful engine for sustained socio-environmental success than direct government control.” [Quoted from]

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more dishonesty from the left-wing fossil groaniad

“Poll surge as Brown unveils policy blitz” [Quoted from]

And now for reality:

“While Blair has narrowed the gap between Labour and David Cameronís Conservatives to four points, down from eight a month ago, it widens to 10 when people are asked how they would vote with Brown as leader. Under these circumstances Labour drops to 32% and the Tories rise from 38% to 42%.

“Brown, more than Blair, appears to be picking up the backlash of voter disappointment. By 58% to 17% people think Britain is a worse place to live than 10 years ago, and by 37% to 33% they say their living standards have fallen.

“Brown also suffers in comparison with Blair. By 50% to 31% people say they do not like him, and by 35% to 32% that he will not be a good representative of Britain abroad. Blair scored well on both counts.” [Quoted from]

Yes, both articles are talking about the same poll. You’ll have to get to paragraph 6 of the Groaniad nonsense to find out it is referring to the Times poll.

the web address for the article above is

france’s segolene royale: her socialist meltdown

In the debate between French presidential candidates Segolene Royale an Nicholas Sarkosy earlier this week, Segolene Royale gave a fine prima donna’s performance of self-righteous indignation. She also showed her underbelly of temper and lack of control.

Socialists are allowed to be dishonest and disgusting, especially if they can claim the end justifies the means.

After all, Sago’s anger is ‘righteous’ and her lies are in pursuit of offering her superior religion to the French people and the eagerly awaiting world.
You must understand that she cares and caring trumps intelligence or coherent planning every time.

These people are utterly convinced they know better, that is, they know better than you what is good for you.
That gives them the imperative to ‘enlighten’ you. They are only doing it for your own good. How else will you be saved?

Socialists have to be ignorant. It means they can present theories without reality, and even believe them while doing it.

Sago actually believes if everyone were only made equal, everyone would be ‘happy’ campers. What people like Sago do not understand is that dumb people have a natural inclination to freeload.

People like Segolene,despite being rich as most of these socialist politicians are, believe you can improve the world by taking the earnings of the producers and giving it to the chavs.

People like Nicholas Sarkozy know that the chavs will not work unless they are forced, for instance, forced by virtue of starving if they don’t work, but that is being ‘nasty’.

Sago wants desperately to be ‘nice’. Socialists are incredibly naive, but they absolutely know they are correct and that everyone else is wrong wrong wrong.

As the socialist religion does not work because of factors in the real world, when it does not work, as it will not, that must be someone’s fault, and most certainly not the fault of any socialist.It must be the fault of people who tell the socialists they‘re wrong, and the people who get better off by working.

Therefore, force is required.
Therefore, socialists must apply the force.

Ho hum.....

Anything but face reality.
Anything but back down.
Even worse is the awful problem that socialists inevitably cause real and serious damage. Violence is a predictable response to avoiding facing that reality.

Socialism is a very dangerous human mental disease

Segolene Royale is offering the Frogs a great earth mother, Marianne - mother of the nation, Saint Joan of Arc, Madonna on wheels, how on earth can they refuse?
No decent person would be that ungrateful.

But then celebrities are meant to be airheads, aren’t they?

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