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what hell sewer are ‘new’ labour wallowing in this time?

It looks suspiciously like the listed donors were unaware of the ‘donations’.

Now how on earth could that be?
And how could the party bosses not know of the source of such a large ‘donation’, especially when their accounts are in nearly as bad a mess as those of Northern Crock and the country at large?

From the first link below:

“Paying back the money will do nothing to help Labour’s troubled finances: the party faces debts of more than £20 million, including £14 million in outstanding loans.”

As usual, the socialist Labour Party cannot be trusted with money at any level.

“[...] Janet Dunn denied knowledge of the £25,000 donation in her name and said that she had not knowingly written a cheque to the party.” [Quoted from timesonline.co.uk]

Marker at abelard.org

“Asked about the donations in his name totalling £196,000, he said: "You obviously know that with me coming from a council house, there's no way that's possible. You're barking up the wrong tree."

“Neither he nor Mrs Kidd were interested in politics and neither could afford to donate vast sums, he said, adding: "I've got my mortgage to pay. I've never voted in my life. I can't stand Labour. I can't stand any politicians." ” [Quoted from dailymail.co.uk]

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the continuing disaster in iraq - for the enemy at least - the auroran sunset

You may have wondered why you don’t hear much in the fossil media about Iraq any more. The reason is simple - they have very little ‘good news’ to report. Always remember that they aren’t against the war, they are on the other side.

Here is some of the inconvenient news that you will likely have missed:

“The drop began in September, as civilian deaths (884) fell 52 percent from August and 77 percent year-over-year, while military deaths (65) fell 23 percent and 10 percent over the same periods. October’s declines made it a trend: Civilian deaths (758) dropped an additional 12 percent from the previous month and 38 percent year-over-year, while US military deaths (38) dropped 42 percent and 64 percent during the same periods.”

“ The formation of “Concerned Local Citizens” groups (CLCs) – Iraqi neighborhood watches that augment the official Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) – as a backlash against al Qaeda and other extremists has been a pivotal grassroots development. The CLCs vary by region, but they are largely composed of tribesmen and former nationalist insurgents. Engaging the traditional tribal structures and coercing insurgent groups to lay down their weapons or turn them on Sunni and Shia extremists have been key counterinsurgency successes that have contributed to the national drop in violence.

“ “The Sunni Awakening in Anbar is where it started, and now it’s grown to 11 of the [18] provinces … encompass[ing] also Shia and Sunni-Shia mixed villages,” said Bacon. “[There are] over 200 initiatives of … ‘Concerned Local Citizens’ … [and] we’re looking at about over 67,000 volunteers now. And what this has enabled us to do is, we go in and liberate an area from al Qaeda and, if we move out of there, they’re holding.”

“ “It’s making neighborhoods untenable for [insurgents] who used to strike at us. It’s whole communities sensing empowerment,” said Stanton. “[Iraqi civilians think] ‘We can do things now. Our children can play now.’ Normality is returning to the neighborhood. It’s a good deal for them. And it all folds together [with reconciliation] in communities that are mixed [Shia and Sunni], as a lot of people are working together. It’s not complete – there is still a lot of sectarian distrust – but there is a lot of [cooperation] out there in the border regions, which is a hopeful sign.” ” [Quoted from longwarjournal.org]

These improvements are daily ongoing, as they have been years. Don’t forget that a socialist mass-murderer had been busy laying waste to the country for three decades. After four short years, the Iraqis have a burgeoning democracy and growing citizenship, despite being under constant attack from their neighbours and internal criminal gangs. There are growing signs that refugees are feeling safe enough to return to Iraq.

Compare to Russia, which is still has a much better educated population, richer history and three times a long to get over their own experiences of mass-murdering socialists - yet it is Russia that is regressing, and Iraq that continues to improve.

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a concise history of recent british politics, focusing on conservative leadership

A connecting link between several of the fools who put the Conservative Party out of power so long was the Cambridge mafia, made up of Norman Fowler, Michael Howard, John Gummer, Kenneth Clarke, Leon Brittan, David Frost, and Norman Lamont.

Social dynamic theory inclines to the view that it only takes about six people to take over any organisation. The Cambridge Mafia have not shown any great concern for Britain, merely for personal advancement. The best of them was Lamont, so he was ‘sacrificed’.

John Major was brighter than any of those, but uneducated and, thus, manipulable.

Another, though short-lived, Conservative leader was Ian Duncan Smith - IDS. IDS is a far better man that any of them. Only IDS and David Cameron received similar responses at Conference from the now renascent party.

It was loyalty to the Socialist coup instead of the party, a coup woven in good part by the Cambridge Mafia, that put Tony Bliar in Number Ten.

John Major followed on from Margaret Thatcher’s recovery of the British economy and nation. Unfortunately, he was shallow. He ran government debt back up, and ran down reserves. He spent those, oil money, privatisation receipts and other bleeding on the dole.

Major’s objective was clearly to leave Labour a scorched earth, in the expectation they would screw up the economy as usual. He left with ‘promises’ I have not the slightest doubt that he had no intention of carrying out. This gave Bliar and Brown the Clown the golden opportunity to squeeze the economy for two or three years. They both offered and actually followed Major’s ‘promises’.

The Socialist Labour Party learned a new trick, after decades of the false belief that all that was needed was for the British people to understand socialism to sweep them to power. They finally realised that the British would never knowingly vote for Socialism. So Bliar and the Clown acted like any abusive would-be spouse: first gaining some trust from the electorate, and then becoming ever more controlling and violent.

The victory in 1992 was very near to inevitable, after large numbers of marginal voters disenfranchised themselves in trying to escape the poll tax - the ludicrous behaviour of Neil Kinnock at Sheffield sealed it.

Margaret Thatcher was a pragmatist, so of course she changed as circumstances changed. She had a most ghastly mess to clean up. Her main errors were not to tackle the middle class unions, and her dreadful judgement of men. The 1992 election was one that Margaret Thatcher could not have won, and that was why it was necessary to remove her.

The extra term served by Major did a great deal to weaken socialism further. It was a great shame that Major lacked sufficient complexity. Then there were the Socialist hacks to aggravate the situation.

Socialist Johnny delivered Socialist Labour success, and the idiots around him have given Bliar a free ride for ten years because they were committed to the same foolishness.

Major was told what was necessary. He thought he knew better, so the Labour high command was told. They ‘promised’ that and got elected. Of course, they did not carry it out effectively because

  1. they are socialists
    and therefore
  2. they are inherently incompetent;
  3. they are control freaks.

As the Tory Party had been suborned by Socialists, the priority became to force the Party back to sanity. That is now well near to completion.

As I have said for years, Bliar is easy meat. All it needed is a serious Tory leader, and the removing of the disgraceful Socialist coup that had captured the leadership of the party.

Now the Clown is sinking by the week. He is a weak, incompetent, empty suit.

It only needed a real leader to bring him down.

IDS would have achieved a similar end last time, only the execrable H***** managed another palace coup. IDS was already in process of turning the party around when the old fools and whiners in the party struck, probably in the hope they could ride up on the coat tails of improving polls.

The fools and whiners started in again on Cameron, but this time their waning strength was not sufficient.

Major has been an utter disaster for the country and the Tory Party, very likely the greatest disaster to befall the Party in a century. He was a good, kind, intelligent man without serious depth. A man from a poor background, over influenced by the degrading dogmas of Socialism, who over identified with his background.

Socialism always destroys the poor, the economy and the vulnerable.

The Conservative Party was told that it would lose, and why it would lose. It has been told what is needed to recover from its errors. At last, there is another serious Tory leader putting real Tory agendas into practice.

The Tory Party is a very wide coalition, but there are fools and extremists on both wings. Realising Socialist Johnny is a loser does not give me the slightest wish to have Norman Tebbit, or the execrable H*****, leading the party in a country which practices elective dictatorship.

It is the Tory Party which has failed every bit as much as the Socialist Labour Party. But without a serious Tory Party, Britain is lost. Some pale shadow of a party, controlled by barrow boys like Tebbit and Heseltine and ‘led’ by a naïf like Socialist Johnny, becomes just a pale pink Socialist Party and would as inevitably destroy Britain as will the likes of Bliar and the Clown if not stopped.

end note

Michael Howard

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why the uk government is floundering in its bad news week

“The Conservatives' remarkable opinion poll turnaround continued as the party surged to a nine-point lead in the aftermath of a series of disasters for the Government.

A YouGov survey for Channel 4 News put the Tories in one of their best positions for 15 years on 41% - less than two months since the same poll had Labour 11 points in front.”

The arrogance of NewOldNew Labour government politicians, as the attacks grow, is quite incredible.

They are so used to a sense of irresponsible entitlement that they are not adjusting to the fact that their free ride is over.

What they previously could and did hide from the unsophisticated and unperceptive electorate is now so blatant that even the most simple-minded start to see through these incompetent chancers.

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brown the clown’s communist state closes in

“Context? No one from the West Midlands Police, the CPS or Green Lane Mosque has yet given us the correct context for the notion that women are born deficient, that homosexuals should be thrown off a mountain or that young girls who refuse to wear the hijab should be hit.”

Marker at abelard.org

“Twenty years ago, a young black man walked into a pub in Bristol and ordered a drink. Behind him, a gang of white youths started a chant: "Nig nogs on the starboard bow, starboard bow" Straightforward, everyday racism. Only this time, it was caught on camera and broadcast on BBC1.

“Fast forward 20 years, and another young man walks into a mosque in Birmingham, one apparently committed to interfaith dialogue. The preacher, however, seems less than committed. "Christians and Jews are enemies to Muslims," he says. What about a gay man? "Throw him off the mountain." And women? "Allah created the women deficient." Again, all caught on film, this time broadcast on Channel 4.

“Two clear cases of antisocial, illiberal behaviour. But here's the difference. Twenty years ago, Avon and Somerset Police were full of praise for our undercover exposé; at last, people could see what they were up against, that racism wasn't the invention of an oversensitive race relations industry. How naïve we were to imagine that such a sensible reaction would follow the broadcast of Dispatches: Undercover Mosque.”

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‘new’ labour’s claims on education - clown socialist politics - steal your money, and waste it Two GoldenYak (tm) award.

A recommended scan.

“[...] teachers don't develop children's abilities to think and talk [...]”

“ "The conclusions of the first three reports should make those running education policy stop and think. They demonstrate that the initial sharp rise in primary school test results between 1995 and 2000 is now understood to be largely a result of teaching to the tests, and not to a dramatic improvement in learning. They point out that the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and the government's own Statistics Commission accepted the rises were overstated, only for the DCSF to reject the findings. The review also finds that the primary curriculum has narrowed in response to the testing; that statutory tests make it harder, not easier, to judge pupils' progress; that there have been rises in test-induced stress among pupils; that the results of the tests are unreliable in up to a third of cases; and that the gap between the highest and lowest achievers in Britain is wider than in many other countries.

“The reports conclude there has been a genuine, although modest, improvement in children's numeracy. It cannot say the same about literacy. Some £500m has been spent so far on running the national literacy hour. Yet the review concludes that standards of reading have been "more or less static since the 1950s". The National Literacy Strategy has had "a barely noticeable effect" on reading ability, yet since it has been introduced there has been a substantial fall in children's enjoyment of reading. Meanwhile the literacy levels of the poorest children are further behind their peers than anywhere in Europe.”

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report on the geo-political implications of agw from the center for american progress

Full report - a 124-page .pdf.

Chapter on security - a 33-page .pdf.

“This paper was prepared for a Center for Strategic and International Studies and Center for a New American Security task force on the potential security implications of climate change. It appears in abridged and revised form in the task force report, "The Age of Consequences: The National Security and Foreign Policy Implications of Global Climate Change" and as an article in The Washington Quarterly (Winter 2007 - 2008).”

“ Large-scale human migration due to resource scarcity, increased frequency of extreme weather events, and other factors, particularly in the developing countries in the earth’s low latitudinal band.

“Intensifying intra- and inter-state competition for food, water, and other resources, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa.

“Increased frequency and severity of disease outbreaks.

“Heightened risk of state failure and regional conflagration.

“Significant shifts in the geostrategic roles of every major fuel type. Increased U.S. border stress due to the severe effects of climate change in parts of Mexico and the Caribbean.

“Increased uncertainty over how China’s political leadership will respond to growing domestic and international pressure to become a "responsible stakeholder" in the global environment.

“Strain on the capacity of the United States - and in particular the U.S. military - to act as a "first responder" to international disasters and humanitarian crises due to their increased frequency, complexity, and danger.

“Growing demand for international institutions to play new and expanded roles in the management of refugee crises and in providing forums for the negotiation of climate agreements.”

I believe we can mitigate anthropogenic global warming [AGW] and minimise energy depletion consequences, but the two situations are intimately linked. These problems are highly political; one thing the world is not short of is stupidity.

Meanwhile, Brown the Clown and the EU-SSR ‘runs’ open borders.

To appreciate whether we have the ability to control energy growth, understanding Jevons’ paradox is essential.

All polls suggest that individuals will cling like limpets to their own interests and do as little as possible to change their actions. They will even justify this by becoming Flat Earthers, or AGW deniers if called upon.

These are Tragedy of the Commons situations and will not be dealt with by individual action alone.

BBC World Service poll results on extending energy taxes. Image credit: BBCGraph from BBC World Service Poll [.pdf]
Growing awareness that carbon must rise in price
[21-page .pdf]


















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usa/china - growing military cooperation

“China and the U.S. will set up a military hotline, hold high-level nuclear strategy talks and increase joint exercises, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his Chinese counterpart, General Cao Gangchuan, said.”

Marker at abelard.org

diplomatic ‘discussion’ and cooperation over iran

“The two men emphasized bilateral cooperation and communication, but they also discussed the issue of Iran's nuclear ambitions.

“We agreed that it's important to pursue efforts to persuade the Iranian government to change their behavior and their policies peacefully, through diplomatic means," Gates said. They discussed continued and increased economic pressure "as a way of persuading the Iranian government to make different choices." ”

Scan these items for details of the plenteous doubletalk.

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