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on government pension schemes

“Additionally, this is the kind of warning sign our research note last week signalled – the NHS pension scheme has a lot more active members relative to ‘pensioners in payment’ than other schemes, but that will be changing rather quickly over the years. Overall the Treasury already had to top up unfunded schemes as a whole by a huge £4 billion last year, and that number is only getting bigger. Thinking the NHS pension scheme is fine now, so therefore it doesn’t need reform, is the kind thinking that got us to where we are now. It’s simply kicking the can down the road, and it’s disingenuous to pick the only unfunded scheme with so many more active members than pensioners to paint a picture of health for the wider public sector.

“Now local government. Yes, it’s a funded scheme, with invested assets, and more coming in than paid out at present. Again, this includes massive employer contributions, which is taxpayers’ money to start with. Also, the argument that this scheme is “healthy” just defers any responsibility for paying off massive liabilities to future generations. Our paper on local government pension scheme deficits highlights how big this problem is, with over £50 billion more liabilities than assets in 2010. And it will get worse. Funded public sector schemes in countries like The Netherlands are not allowed to hold assets of less than 80 per cent of liabilities, but a quick glance at our paper shows that many local government schemes are nowhere near this. In fact, some have asset to liability ratios of less than 50 per cent. That’s not sustainable and will have to be paid off at some stage.”

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And on public/private, with slider

"The latest Office for National Statistics data shows that the difference in average hourly earnings between employees in the public and private sectors rose to 8.2 per cent in 2011. Despite the union spin to the contrary this INCLUDES accounting for gender; age; occupation; the region that the job is located in; and factoring in qualifications.

“What that 8.2 per cent doesn’t include are the generous pension deals that the unions are doing their utmost to ensure remain untouched Our online pension slider makes clear just how much those pension deals are worth: ...”

Taxpayersalliance.com is now back in action, a useful site for endemic British government waste.

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the chaos of 15 years of socialist ‘education’

This article has tranferred to 'dyspraxia', one of a number of short briefing documenst on establishment psycho-bunk or psychobabble.

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was milly dowler’s ’phone ever hacked? trust the fossil media!

The fossil media are desperately trying to spin the police reports instead of admitting they have no real evidence at all at all.

“ ‘No evidence’ that hackers erased Milly Dowler's voicemails, Leveson inquiry hears Voicemail mystery: Police will never know if messages on murdered Milly Dowler's phone were deleted

“Detectives investigating the phone hacking scandal will never know if voicemails on murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler’s mobile were deleted, the Leveson Inquiry was told today.

“At least two messages were missing but Neil Garnham QC, counsel for the Met police, said there was no evidence they had been removed by News of the World journalists.

“But he added there was evidence someone had listened to her voicemails and could not rule out they had been unlawfully intercepted on March 26, 2002.

“Mr Garnham said officers believe there was an automatic deletion of individual voicemails. But added call data was incomplete because of technical issues.

Let’s rearrange this a little - part 1:

“Detectives investigating the phone hacking scandal will never know if voicemails on murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler’s mobile were deleted, the Leveson Inquiry was told today.”

“ Mr Garnham said officers believe there was an automatic deletion of individual voicemails. But added call data was incomplete because of technical issues.”

Take is, we don’t know if e-mails were deleted. Repeat - we don’t know if e-mails were deleted!
And if they were, it may well have been automatic.

Let’s rearrange this a little - part 2:

“But he added there was evidence someone had listened to her voicemails and could not rule out they had been unlawfully intercepted on March 26, 2002.”

What ‘evidence’ exactly?
Who is ‘someone’???

‘Could not rule out’ That is, could not rule in!

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on the uk double dip

Context: Doomsayers, including the previous socialist prime minister Gordon Brown, have been talking about a double dip recession. Now Treasury figures show that it has finally occured.

Gordon Brown the Clown caused this double dip.

He and his cronies lowered UK GDP by at least 10%. That is now feeding through. The rate at which it is feeding through is being slowed by continual vast borrowing, and covered up by inflation. Of course, this was also heavily set in motion by Brown the Clown.

All socialists everywhere destroy economies. They do this by spending in the hope of buying votes from the economically unsophisticated and short-sighted. At the same time, socialist politicians heavily tax production, thereby crowding out investment in the future.

The mess left behind by ‘New’ Labour is simply ghastly. Heaven knows how long it will take to clear up, especially as ‘New’ Labour continues to lie publicly, in attempts to get the naive to support them in further economic and social destruction.

‘New’ Labour is reflected in individuals and families who do not save and invest, or provide for the future. Instead, these ill-educated run up credit care debts and the likes far beyond any ability they have to pay off their borrowings.

“My other piece of advice, Copperfield,” said Mr Micawber, “you know. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen, nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.

“The blossom is blighted, the leaf is withered — in short you are forever floored.”
[Quoted from David Copperfield by Charles Dickens]

Borrowing/having credit is not bad, per se. It’s when it’s not being controlled that is the problem.

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attempts to limit charitable giving is another government power grab

Context: George Osborne, the Conservative Chancellor in the Coalition government, wants to put a cap on donations given to charities because some prefer to donate raher than spend.

UK government (mainly the Left) have long resented the charities and individuals deciding which ‘good works’ require priority.

Some idealistic individuals, who are unconcerned to build up treasure on earth, have made money to do ‘good’, thus cutting government out of the loop.

This attempt to grab more power is not natural to Conservative values, and should be rejected outright. To try to put a cap on such donations is the thin end of a wedge long desired by socialists.

Socialist dogma is that all power must be centralised in the bureaucracy. That furthers the government attacks on freedom.

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we need the votes of the thoughtless says ‘new’ labour

Facts don’t matter where socialists are concerned. They just want a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

“The survey shows that Mr Livingstone is seen as the more serious candidate who understands the needs of ordinary Londoners.

“But it suggests that Mr Johnson has a better track record in power at City Hall and would be most able to improve the capital over the next four years.”

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uk ‘hysteria’ at the fuel pump

Context: There is a suggested threat of unionised fuel transporters striking.

In preparation, the government encouraged drivers to buy more fuel than they usually do. Unfortunately, many have not thought through how to do this, reacting impulsively and causing some garages to run dry.

Opponents of the government have tried to suggest the government are guilty of sedition.

The sedition is entirely by fascist ‘New’ Labour and its controlling unions. They are trying to bring the country to a halt in order to undermine the recovery from the mess Ed Miliband and his cronies perpetrated.

Conservative attempts to increase the resilience of back-up supplies is a very sane response to the socialist treason.

Of course, many have no idea how very effective and sane the government advice is, having the effect of greatly increasing UK fuel reserves.

If even one third of UK motorists fill up to two-thirds instead of one-third, the normal state of most vehicle fuel tanks, that alone would add about ten days to UK fuel reserves. If everyone does it, that would provide about thirty days supply. If drivers then continue to keep their tank topped up, as sane people already do, that goes close to two months reserves!

If the population continues with this behaviour, it will go a long way to defusing any further threats from the fuel-related unions.

No wonder Miliband and his union bosses are in such a panic!

And, of course, reducing your speed is a very effective way of conserving fuel. If I drive even moderately aggressively, I only get 900 miles out of a tank of fuel. I can get an extra third - 300 miles, or ten 30-mile journeys - by driving even reasonably optimally to conserve fuel. This is enough for a week of substantial commuting, let alone local school run and shopping.

All in all, quite a series of options to puncture threatened strike action.

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