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behaviour and intelligence Kantsaywhere by Francis Galton
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behaviour and intelligence “who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past”
behaviour and intelligence on experiments removing dominant males from herds
behaviour and intelligence on citizenship, voting systems and franchise
introduction to franchise discussion documents
the curious republic of gondour by mark twain
from starship troopers by robert heinlein Three and a half GoldenYak (tm) award [updated]
behaviour and intelligence vouchers and standards
behaviour and intelligence dishonesty-detecting program cited in national election campaign
behaviour and intelligence watching the fossil media die
behaviour and intelligence why does not nature list the alleged errors on wikipedia and enc brit? could it be... ?
behaviour and intelligence trying to make facts fit the theory - ‘feminism’
behaviour and intelligence star ratings chart for all the nero wolfe novels
technology how to save the last remaining tea clipper Two GoldenYak (tm) award
technology functional electronic book being developed by Sony
science all those people living in your guts
science and technology she waves, she talks, just like a human can [humanoid robots]
Three and a half GoldenYak (tm) award
news-lite g’wan - give us a lift, mate, says the snail
news-lite good and bad karma [politics]
news-lite an mp3 to classify your favourites and choose related items for you
news-lite suvs no safer for ‘children’
news-lite now, a whole book on useful idiots
politics interview with one of america’s most powerful voices - mccain
politics confusion in iran - or confusion outside iran - or trust the fossil media - or all three
politics bliar’s next step - any caution or conviction now to be on record for 100 years
politics degradation of society by socialism
politics on ahminastraightjacket - is victor davis hanson losing heart?
politics curtains for al-quaeda?
politics tony blair and ‘crime’
politics e.u-ville whines and whines, while consuming ever more u.s. produce

closing in on iran

  • russia increasingly signalling strong opposition to nuclear iran
  • fortunately america is not messing around over iran whatever old european socialists may dream
  • even el baradei talks of force over iran
  • iranians regarding their president as heretical or mad
politics brown the clown also now running scared of cameron and a revived uk tory party
politics the training of jihadis under madsam - us government secrecy hampering the interdiction of iraqi killers
politics living on the fumes of past glory?
politics bbc joins other socialists in puffing china
politics while fossil media scribblers panic
politics update 2
the ukraine-russia farce act 3: the settlement
energy politics continue to rise up the agenda
politics socialist oldnewoldlabour harms the poorer classes - as ever
politics updated with further commentary energy politics continue to rise up the agenda - today’s example: ukraine and russia
politics read about crunchy conservatism
politics britain is run by bureaucrats
energy biofuels - present reality / important new survey of biofuel
civil liberties british passports, then and now
civil liberties new editions of freedoms indexes
civil liberties how to get everyone on a dna database
civil liberties war is peace. freedom is slavery. ignorance is strength.- orwell
ecology 2006 environmental performance index now released
ecology changing ecology and complexity in driving extinctions
ecology when the power fails - moscow
ecology highly informed piece by lovelock on planetary pressures
ecology world economy increasingly battering on the limits of sustainable viability
ecology eu greed and cowardice driving fish stocks to extinction
briefing documents new: fossil fuel disasters
france cathedrals 5: laon, the midst of the gothic transition, with added oxen
two new sections in
cathedrals introduction: reading stained glass
•church and cathedral construction
•gothic cathedral building start dates, including precursor buildings
the world of fundamentalism lunatic central broadcasting-lunatic central broadcasting-this is lord abadaba
the world of fundamentalism on the fruitcake in iran
business and markets updated: americans very slowly waking up to energy crunch - starting with republicans in california
fun recoil...
fun races across the world
fun i love me! - song from vaudeville days Four GoldenYak (tm) award
fun alleged five stages in the demise of the fossil media
economics useful item on government price index manipulation
ethics the world of incurable cheats
deconstructions steyn very confused - auroran sunset
one liners working example of arab democracy: the lebanon
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