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headlines for September 2009

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politics iran iran blinks again
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politics socialist interference with families in the uk - also in the usa
politics/economics the economic collapse - what gordon brown ignored
politics uk oswald mosley’s socialist dreams
politics uk ian duncan smith - one of the few thinking seriously about the underclass and looking to evidence
politics libya - another stunning socialist beacon of freedom and enlightenment
politics uk the ludicrous tony bliar speaks out boldly against mammon
economics/politics usa analysis of alleged stimulus
economics sensible item on economics, allegedly on minsky
fractions, decimals and percentages 2
prime numbers and factors, the sieve of Eratosthenes
fractions, decimals and percentages 1  beta release 
behaviour and intelligence hitler, the arch liar
behaviour and intelligence the delusion of stability
behaviour and intelligence more on the great mad ‘war on drugs’
behaviour and intelligence kinds of sanity in society
behaviour and intelligence decriminalisation of ‘drugs’ in portugal
health smoking ban effects
alternative energies radiation fears - visiting capitol building more hazardous than camping outside a nuclear plant
briefings documents

health costs in society ,
part of
a comparison between international health services, new briefing document

health placebo effects
alternative energies 35,428, 250kw windmills required


humans generate new genes claim
ecology global warming: greenland and california - deniers are advised not to read this news item
Who is Barak Obama?
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