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iran blinks again

“Iran will propose that it is prepared to buy from a third party uranium enriched to the grade it requires for its Tehran reactor rather than carry out the enrichment itself, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday.”

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socialist interference with families in the uk - also in the usa

“Lisa Snyder of Irving Township, Mich., was trying to be neighborly, helping out other moms on the block by inviting their kids into her home for about an hour until the school bus arrived. Harmless, right? Not according to the Michigan Department of Human Services, which sent Snyder a letter warning her that if she continued her neighborly ways she’d be in violation of the law, a law that says no one may care for unrelated children in their home for more than four weeks each year unless they are licensed day-care providers.” [Quoted from]

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“According to an Ofsted spokesperson: "Reward is not just a case of money changing hands. The supply of services or goods and in some circumstances reciprocal arrangements can also constitute reward.”

“Registered childminders must pay an annual fee of £103 to Ofsted.” [Quoted from]

Next ‘New’ Labour Queen’s speech:
Gatherings of more than one person to be illegal.

Thou shalt not help your neighbour. All relationships are government business.

A £30 pound tax is to be applied to each licenced sex act. Missionary position only allowed without a special licence.

Each cuppatea supplied to members of your family requires £1:50 tax; to neighbours the tax is £2:50, but you require a £2000 trading licence. A full tariff is available at your local job centre.

Anyone with a licence is to register as employed and pay full ‘New’ Labour taxes, including insurance tax.


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the economic collapse - what gordon brown ignored

“By 2007 Britain and most of the other industrially advanced economies will be in the throes of frenzied activity in the land market to equal what happened in 1988/9. Land prices will be near their 18-year peak, driven by an exponential growth rate, on the verge of the collapse that will pressage the global depression of 2010. The two events will not be coincidental: the peak in land prices not merely signalling the looming recession but being the primary cause of it.”

“There was no need for the market economies to be caught unawares in 1974, 1982, or 1992, or by the next mid-cycle crash in 200 which will be followed by the major economic collapse in 2010. Both these loomiing catastrophes will be driven primarily by activity in the land market.

“This prediction could be translated into appropriate corrective action if the politicians and their policy-advisors face the facts.”
[Quoted from The coming housing crash: the dreamers and the decieved by Fred Harrison, 1997 [18-page .pdf]

Brown the Clown is a dumb, arrogant cultist. He probably believes his own cant about “the end to boom and bust”.

UK money supply is presently being expanded at over 12%. With the drop in GDPof most of 5%, this amounts to a real inflation rate of 17%. This and more backed up inflation is bound to feed through in due course. It is the Bank of England that is dealing with the UK crash, not Brown the Clown. He is no longer in charge of Parliament in any sense. He is now following orders of the BOE, and the unelected Mandelslime/Mandelson is PM in everything but name.

The BOE is rescuing the mess, which is a matter of a banking clag-up, not a matter of “a depression worse than the ’30s”, or any other such nonsense.

The BOE’s response is to debauch the currency. The basic problems remain, and will remain until State spending is reined in. The debauching of the currency is a tax on everyone, and it falls most heavily on the poor and pensioners. In other words, those who do not really understand the real world.

As the banks recover, the structural statist power grab by Tony Bliar and Brown the Clown will remain. As always with socialism, the economy will founder the more the longer the power grab continues, let alone extends. And with it comes the steady erosion of freedom and the rule of law. Eventually there is no freedom.

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ian duncan smith - one of the few thinking seriously about the underclass and looking to evidence

“In the US, there are over 60 remedial programmes for troubled families, such as the Nurse Family Partnership and Roots of Empathy. These have succeeded in turning lives around, by getting to and working with children and their mothers. One successful programme in the UK, "Save the Family", believes in taking mothers and children into care so that they can be assisted together as a unit: as they say, save the mother and you save the child. Where these programmes have been used in a concerted fashion, the results have been remarkable – one study of "at risk" families who had been given support, found that when the children grew into adults the number of arrests fell by 56 per cent and there were 81 per cent fewer convictions. By 15 years old, the children had had 63 per cent fewer sexual partners. Among the mothers, there had been an 83 per cent increase in employment by the child's fourth birthday.”

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libya - another stunning socialist beacon of freedom and enlightenment

To give Libya its full title:

Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

So GSPLAJ is yet another socialist beacon of success and freedom unto nations.

It is ruled by

Brotherly leader and guide of the revolution, guide of the first of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya,

as with the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Just in case you were in any doubt whether this is another triumph of socialism, Jamahiriya translates as “republic ruled by the masses”.

Libyan taxes on Western-developed oil fields make this socialist example of enlightenment and progress the second richest country in Africa.

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the ludicrous tony bliar speaks out boldly against mammon

“Tony Blair interrupted his Mediterranean holiday, on which he spent time on billionaire Larry Ellison’s gin palace, to condemn materialism and the pursuit of personal wealth....”

Bliar would never have seen Number 10 without the foolishness of socialist Johnny Major. The Tory party suicide pact is what let Bliar in and kept him there for 10 years.

In my view, Bliar was a muddler, good at dressing up in a skirt and pouting, good at managing the team of dolts, but very mediocre, not a thinker in any real sense.

I do not think he has any ability as a leader. He was just a face, like a news anchor. Meanwhile, the rest of the sorry crew steadily frittered away the patrimony, the prime culprit being Brown the Clown.

As for a suggestion that Bliar jumped ship, my guess it was a combination of blind luck and him becoming bored with performing. Now he is independently wealthy, which I think was a major ambition for him. Now he can do the playboy act and come back for return tours when that bores him.

In other words, I cannot really find it in me to blame Bliar. He is just a shallow face, famous for being famous. I see no sign of anything he has ever achieved independently. I see no sign of any creativity. In a better world, he would have had the nous and guts to sack Brown the Clown long long ago, but you cannot blame a man for simply lacking serious ability. In a better world, he would never have gotten beyond being a failed pop star.. With a different sex, he would have been a clothes model.

Bliar was a child playing with toys, toys handed to him by the terrible failures of the Tory party and the inevitable foolishness of universal franchise.

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