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behaviour and intelligence

New translation, the Magna Carta

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behaviour and intelligence

good to see logic used against corporates by us court

US court:
Software cannot commit piracy

“[...] the 9th US Circuit Court in Los Angeles, threw a major brick in the path of entertainment companies which have been trying to have the courts shut down companies running the P2P networks.”

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the problem is not the young
a response to an item complaining about the ignorance of the young and the escapist tripe in the fossil media.

as i wander through the world, i constantly come upon young people, often surrounded by empty beer bottles, mooching around chattering late at night. you know the sort by stereotype, apparently uncaring and yobbish.

often i talk to them. i point out the recent close approach of mars, or of the perseids.

what concerns me is how enthusiastic and interested they almost invariably appear, and how they are totally unaware of the phenomena.

just what is going on in our ‘schools’, if they find my chatter interesting, yet are not enthused or taught at home or school?
why are they bored at ‘school’?
why don’t they even know of such things?

a year or three ago, i went down to the south coast of england to the place where the greenwich meridian is marked on the sea front. half a dozen local teens were hanging out and cycling around the area of the monument. again, i chattered to them and asked them if they knew what the marker was about. again not one knew.

it is mostly not the young that are at fault. what is to be done when the tv stations pour out endless trivia and tripe?

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link again claimed between genes and parenting
Recommended as keep-up reading.

“ The new work, on rhesus monkeys, backs an earlier study in people which gave the same result. "We think the findings are striking in parallel with the human studies," says Stephen Suomi of the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Bethesda, Maryland.”

— But carriers only went off the rails if they had an awful, abusive upbringing. Carriers with good mothering were usually completely normal, showed the New Zealand study. Now, Suomi has replicated the finding in the monkeys, showing that carriers of the "short" MAOA gene only turned bad when denied good mothering. "Good mothering has a buffering effect," he says.”

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genes and behaviour

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link again claimed between genes and parenting / why the american constitution works

The good old US constitution is proving to be incredibly robust.

I have a considerable degree of confidence in the American constitution and the American education to freedom. In general, Americans are used to freedom and tend to act with intiative.

In the USA, there are always plenty of people with the courage and the confidence to use and push the system.

Of course, people raised in a sheep pen, like the United Kingdom or other European countries, do not seriously grasp this. A person like George Bush most clearly does. You see, Americans actually trust freedom and the system.

The only ones who do not are a small minority of whiners like Moron Moore.

But that’s OK as far as the US and Americans are concerned, because Moron Moore is part of that robust system.

The whiners like Moore are part of its testing, and a person raised in liberty like Bush is far far more aware of it than the whingeing Poms on the other side of the pond.

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