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competition: be n°1 google hit with nonsense

“There is a Search Engine Optimization contest that just started up. For those that don't know about SEO, it's basically the process of optimizing a web page and links to insure a high ranking on search engine, with Google being the main search engine of interest. There are countless debates on the best approach.”

“ So some folks in the SEO community decided to have a 2 month contest where they made up a nonsense keyword phrase (nigritude ultramarine), and they will award a iPod and a 17" LCD (big spenders, eh?) to whoever ends up #1 in Google a month and two months from now [...]”

From the competition organisers:

“The competition runs from the 7th of May to the 7th of July.”

“Your entry ticket is through a Membership and the competition logo.”

By entering the nonsense keyword phrase, nigritude ultramarine, into Google, you can see listed the competition entries (and articles reporting and commenting on this activity).

One competitor, currently listed n°1 in Google for that phrase, has even purchased a domain name,, to inprove their likelihood of winning. For web-nurds: the site has the most wonderfully keyword-stuffed url as a result.

The competition has been devised, and the prizes provided, by an advertising company. It is suggested that the competition is a method to glean more effective ploys for persuading Google search robots to lists websites well.

“... "SEO pros" are a life form somewhere below pond-scum and above spammers ...” [SEO: search engine optimisation]

A typical SEO article can be read here.

However, understanding methods to screw around search processes should allow Google to refine their algorithms.

Those listed on the first three pages of Google, or better listed as n°1, receive more visitors as a result and so, more customers and advertising revenue.



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