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on the loon in iran

Item headed, “Ahmadinejad? Who’s he?”

From a dissident Iranian source.

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al-jaz is a zionist plot says mad iraniac

“The Tehran Times reveals that al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based TV network that often is sympathetic with Arab terrorists, is actually a creation of the Zionists, a response to Iranian "president" Mohammad Khatami's so-called Dialogue Among Civilizations initiative. "Of course, the Zionists were not pleased at the idea because they believe that increased proximity between the Islamic world and the West is not in their interests. And that is why they founded the Al-Jazeera network to tarnish the image of true Islam.”

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will you please stop posting stuff like this - it upsets the socialists

“BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Iraqi soldiers have discovered chemical materials in a Falluja lab, while a top aide of wanted terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been arrested in Mosul, Iraq's interim national security adviser said Thursday.”

The socialists/liberals have been whining forever that there were such weapons and therefore, it was dangerous to attack Madsam so we shouldn’t have done it.

Ever since the liberation of Iraq, they have whined about not finding the weapons they said were there. And each time more weapons do turn up, the socialists whine some more and go on about how the weapons were planted on the peace-loving ba’athist socialists by evil Americans.

It would be far better that each time weapons like this were found, they were secretly covered up.

At least that way, we do not have to listen to the continual whining of brainded socialists.

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mullahs of iran playing ducks and drakes with their own future

“Three years ago, Rafsanjani, current chairman of the Expediency Council, the highest religious body in the Islamic republic, stated clearly that the Islamic world wanted to obtain a nuclear bomb in order to wipe Israel off the map.

“He said then that the day was "approaching" when the Islamic world would possess atomic weapons.

“ "On that day, the strategy of the West will hit a dead-end, since a single atomic bomb has the power to completely destroy Israel, while an Israeli counter-strike can only cause partial damage to the Islamic world," Rafsanjani said then.

“During a military parade, which was part of Tuesday's event, a banner stating that Israel needed to be wiped off the map was draped over a Shihab-2 missile. Another banner, reading "We will crush America under our feet," was posted on the side of a truck carrying Iran's latest Shihab-3 missile, Israel Radio reported.”

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arab media - taking over the world

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“A popular topic for discussion on Arabic TV channels is the best strategy for conquering the West. It seems to be agreed that since the West has overwhelming economic, military and scientific power, it could take some time, and a full frontal assault could prove counterproductive. Muslim immigration and conversion are seen as the best path.

“Saudi Professor Nasser bin Suleiman al-Omar declared on al-Majd TV last month, ‘Islam is advancing according to a steady plan, to the point that tens of thousands of Muslims have joined the American army and Islam is the second largest religion in America. America will be destroyed. But we must be patient.’ ”

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don’t look at ‘our’ women!

What some people care about.

“ A Muslim "Peeping Tom" who photographed a Palestinian Christian woman in the changing room of a clothes shop sparked a night of rioting near Bethlehem, witnesses said on Wednesday.

“At the height of the riot, hundreds of Muslims and Christians fought each other with metal rods and stones in the streets of the West Bank town of Beit Sahour, adjacent to Bethlehem, revered as the birthplace of Jesus.

“ "It was like a war," said Nahle, a resident.”

And it goes on .....

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conspiracy theories kill

“ An outbreak of polio has hit children in the Nigerian state of Kano. Kano is one of the muslim states that had boycotted the use of the polio vaccine. Many muslim states in Nigeria banned the polio vaccine because those in charge said the Americans were using the vaccines to make their population infertile. Many of them said the vaccine would also be used to spread AIDS in the region. Despite appeals from neighbouring countries to vaccinate its population, the conspiracy theorists in Nigeria got their way.”

Link thanks to ChrisM.

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