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notre-dame de paris: french misgiving at president macron's pretension

"[Emmanuel Macron] openly declared that he was hoping a "contemporary art gesture" would find its place in the "reconstruction" of Notre Dame.

"This would be contrary to all the rules and regulations, both French and international, that govern the restoration of historic buildings."

"Critics say, however, that it would be foolhardy to trust in any organization supported by the United Nations. Notre Dame is a historic monument but it is also a symbol, a religious symbol of the glory of Christendom and, as such, it is certainly not in line with modern globalist views.

" "Contemporary art" is often an expression of the departure from all classic thought and morality and has amply demonstrated its anti-Christian obsessions. The fact that Emmanuel Macron used this phrase during his first official speech to the French regarding the tragedy that had befallen one of the most well-known and well-loved sanctuaries in France is warning enough."

But, as President of France, Macron knows better.

" ... The history of Notre-Dame de Paris has meant that the scale of the fire goes beyond its material consequences. Mr. President, you have stated that you want to restore Notre-Dame. This is what we all want, but to do so, let us not erase the complexity of the thought that must surround this project behind a display of efficiency," 1,170 curators, architects, professors, and other experts wrote in an open letter.

" "The complexity of thought" – or "pensée complexe" – to which they alluded was actually a way of poking fun at Emmanuel Macron who once had his spokesman explain that he would not speak to the press about a particular subject because his thought was too complex for the journalists to understand."

And the proposed designs?

"Studio NAB suggested a glass roof and spire that would allow for the creation of a gigantic rooftop greenhouse where the unemployed could learn how to grow vegetables and other greeneries in an "urban garden."

"Others have conceptualized rooftop promenades planted with trees, and the theme of a pyramidal spire is also recurrent, in glass or metal. Not unsurprisingly, these architectural warts would echo the glass pyramid of the Louvre with its openly Masonic symbolism.

"Other designers, such as the Vizum Atelier from Slovakia, suggested building an oversized spire reaching to the sky as a simple metal arrow prolonged by an "infinite" laser beam "reaching for the sky." Brazilian Alexandre Fantozzi from Aj6 studio imagined replacing the destroyed roof and spire with stained window panels to echo the rich medieval coloring of the medieval stained windows that were miraculously preserved during the fire, in order to bathe the nave of the cathedral in light. This would involve breaking down the interior stone structure of the nave ceiling, but apparently he has not thought of that."

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capitalists step into help notre dame

The forest of Notre-Dame cathedral was constructed from 1,300 oaks, representing 21 hectares of forest, were used in the timbers and woodwork.

Groupama are donating 1,300 oaks from a forest they own in Normandy.

The Pinault family of the LMVH group, luxury goods including St Laurent, have pledged €100 million.
The Arnault family, owners of the group Louis Vuitton Hennessy, have pledged €200 million.
Total, petrolchemical is donating €100 million
Bettencourt family (L'Oreal) has pledged €200 million.

The renovations that were already being done were expected to cost 150 million €.

After stealing the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris from the Church of Rome during the French Revolution, the French State had only been able to fund part of the renovation, spending approximately €2 million per year currently, and up to €4 million in the next 10 years.

With the responsible capitalists offering this sort of support, I think it would be better to set the fund up for the all of the church estates stolen during the revolution.

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down the socialist memory hole, digging up franco's hole

"The country’s current socialist government has promised to remove the body of fascist dictator General Franco from its mausoleum – one of a number of moves made in a country still trying to overcome its buried, divided past."

And some background:

Franco [1892 - 1975] was the military dictator who put down a socialist revolution in Spain with consummate skill. He played off royalists, Falangists and ambitious military rivals, eventually handing Spain over to a democratic monarchy.

Franco was not a 'fascist'. Fascists are born in and of Socialism. During the Spanish 'Civil War' [1936-1939], Franco was fighting against murderous socialists who, like Daesh currently, were also on a murderous spree. He was fighting against Stalin's war machine!

Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and many others were revolutionaries (left-wingers) and, as with most of their kind, killed by millions and tens of millions. Franco was what the Left calls a counter-revolutionary of a strongly Catholic country. Likewise were Salazar and several South American leaders.

More can be read at Franco was not a fascist.

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power and history - a modern psychological mess

Following the arrest of Carles Puigdemont, there have been large demonstrations in Spain yesterday. Other leaders are already held by Spain's central government.

It's a godawful mess.

"A European arrest warrant has been issued for the Catalan government's former education minister, who is now living in Scotland.

"Clara Ponsatí was charged with rebellion following the regional government's attempt to declare independence from Spain last year. After initially moving to Belgium to escape prosecution, she came to Scotland where she is an academic at St Andrews University.

"Police Scotland said they had been in touch with Ms Ponsatí's lawyer, who was making arrangements for the academic to hand herself in to police.

"Nicola Sturgeon has responded by saying she opposed the Spanish authorities' attempts to arrest the politicians but Scottish ministers had no powers to intervene. "
[Quoted from]

So much politics.

Catalonia want to get free because it is richer than Spain.
Scotchland wants handouts from the EUSSR and UK, and was trying to play them off against one another.

Spain wants handouts from northern Europe.
Britain wants to get free of paying for southern Europe.

Politicians want the means of bribing the less able among the electorate.

Britain is strong enough to give the EUSSR the finger.

Catalonia and Spain is about power and history.
When two strong parties tend to fighting, they learn means of stopping their fights from going too far.

When two weak parties fight, they are likely to kill one another. They don't have the built-in inhibitions.

You can see this with wolves, and you can see it with doves and hares.

Catalonia was the centre of leftist anarchy - they lost. There remain bitter and romantic dreams.

It's a bloody psychological mess.

The Lefties around Europe share some of the romantic myths. Moscow backed Catalonia, and lost.

Humanity remains only unstably sane at best.

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2017 french presidental posters now on display

French presidential election posters, 2017

French presidential election posters, 2017
As usual, the wordy one above is for the most commie or trot candidate. There is even a hammer and sickle in the lower right corner of the poster.

French presidential election posters, 2017
French presidential election posters, 2017

Often those for unpopular candidates will be defaced or destroyed, so these have been photographed before this could happen.
The size, position and placing of the posters is all regulated by law. They have to be displayed outside every polling station in every commune, whether village, town or city.

These posters are for the first round of the two stage presidential election, on 23 April. The second stage, on 7th May, is a run-off between the two leading after the first round.

The two favourites at the moment are Le Pen and Macron (at about 24% of the vote each), with Fillon and Mélenchon snapping at their heels at about 18% each. At a forlorn fifth place is the socialist Hamon with about 10%. This leaves under 10% for the other six candidates.

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