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politics listen to democrats on their own candidates’ qualifications to be president!
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politics obarmy and religion - an interview
politics on iran, then and now
politics why is obama not presidential material - why is obama so confused
politics brown the clown attempts to be statesman-like on immigration and citizenship
politics the sleazy clown and his ‘new’ labour wasters - the secretive, spendthrift, socialist state
politics at last, hillary confronts obarma
politics “my experiences at princeton have made me far more aware of my blackness than ever before” - missis obarma
politics why is the media hiding obama’s alleged gay fling and coke use?
politics yet another vain socialist depleting a society - venezuela
politics turning around the economy - 4 years of socialism in spain and an election in 3 weeks
politics kaletsky views the clown’s incompetence with due deserved contempt
politics sunday afternoon - panic in nu-labour treasury chicken coop
politics al quaeda under pressure - pelosi-obama iraq defeat strategy is failing
politics attack allies, appease enemies, abandon friends- obama and his ‘tough’ foreign ‘policy’
politics obama and corruption,
part of who is obama?
now an independent document
politics updated: who is obama? notes on obama and religion
politics “i would vote for the devil over john mccain” - ann coulter - t.a.s.
politics useful article on hitler’s politics, by kershaw
politics spectacular in baghdad after obama and hillary’s encouragement of weakness
alternative energies another solar energy approach
alternative energies incremental improvements in farming increasing biodiesel returns (soybean sourced)
alternative energies the trombe wall, to heat and cool your house
alternative energies chatter and photos on oil sands ,
part of tar sands and shale oil
ecology ever increasing pressure on food supplies
ecology it’s obvious the planet is too big for humans to have much effect
ecology wheat prices near quadruple in two years
science and technology a human chimera
france new: interactive map of aquitaine and the pays basque
only when it’s pretty in the sky - night and day
fun who really said that?
fun recycled wood art from brazil
fun oh yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk
fun are lions cats? - t.a.s.
economics how a mortgage lender works, with reference to northern crock
business and markets robotic surgery is a winner
behaviour and intelligence something done a long time ago - us presidents’ iq ratings
behaviour and intelligence maths as a religion - calculating equality in the uk
behaviour and intelligence is there any possible link?
news-lite how long should copyright last? - t.a.s.
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