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civil liberties no pollution detection without government permission - new york city council [lite]
civil liberties at last - call it what it is! the world’s major economy moves one step closer to a citizen’s wage
civil liberties don’t confuse me with the facts - steyn on the politically correct attack on free speech
civil liberties seeing the future - .government wants to control your thermostats via radio
civil liberties uk blogger threatened with arrest for attacking islamic extremism
world of fundamentalism
politics i liked this - orwell on koestler
politics the advance of the clown’s socialist paradise - yet another criminal offence
politics selling a uk bank for middle east oil?
politics a much more accurate/realistic usa candidate quiz
politics lying politicians and tax - all taxes are taxes!
politics watching for scorpions in the bed
fun monster spotting in america - t.a.s.
fun what a lot of balls!
fun the grand canyon - walking through time
fun noah tries to build the ark in the p.c.-regulated uk
fun something you could easily have lived without knowing!
sums will set you free new: calculating moving averages
behaviour and intelligence chance events
behaviour and intelligence new: brer fox, brer rabbit and the briar patch rewritten by xavier
behaviour and intelligence a fifth of ‘new’ labour government ‘schools’ fall even below ‘new’ labour ‘standards’
from francis galton new: 1853 map of africa showing the routes of its explorers
from francis galton new: 1853 map of francis galton’s african explorations
alternative energies how to deal with a century’s uk high-level radio-active waste - build a windmill
alternative energies royal society release on biofuels
alternative energies new: section on cellulosic biofuels
alternative energies david pimentel on the limitations of biofuels
alternative energies required land use for alternative replacement energy production in USA
alternative energies briefing document new: wind power


Basque 'cross'


ecology some environment ‘reports’ this day
ecology briefing document beta release: living in containers - modern prefab homes
ecology mass extinction of frogs threatened
business and markets energy storage via molten salts
health from a book review - killer medicine
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