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october 2005

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following a chav attack on the ger in the pastures, service will be somewhat sporadic, until 15-foot barbed wire fences and other security are in place.

19 October - No time to organise items, or to make commentary,
you will have what we can manage, in batches, until the ger is safe and the yaks are calm.
politics the sunni die-hards try to cling to their old dominance
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politics “democratic islam is like fried snowballs” Three GoldenYak(tm) award
politics the new two nations britain of socialism
politics porkbusters: coburn bringing the corrupt further into the light
politics movement in us-china co-operation and transparency
politics turkeys do not vote for christmas - socialism and the attenuation of responsibility
politics freedom of speech and heckling
politics another sound speech from george bush
politics rank dishonesty in the fossil media - picture essay
news-lite hearing through walls
news-lite tracing over-fishing through historic research
news-lite enigmatic behaviour among chimps
news-lite babies, rhythm, music and language [behaviour & intelligence]
news-lite a step towards understanding sleep [behaviour]
news-lite world competitiveness report
news-lite what is bucky paper?
behaviour and intelligence two light quotes
behaviour and intelligence surviving katrina - what are the basics for a hospital working in n.o.
behaviour and intelligence a model for entry of new words into language
behaviour and intelligence there is more than one bush - “it’s not fair” says baybee brother
behaviour and intelligence updated with various additions & edits
‘cocksure young men’
behaviour and intelligence blue eyes bad, brown eyes good - on prejudice
energy countries acting to handle energy more wisely, while vested interests complain
energy on micro-generation
energy on the nuclear clean-up myth - a case study
energy ingham on nuclear power and political cowardice
civil liberties on yet another daft socialist ‘law’ - banning hunting; maybe!
civil liberties is bliar preparing further attacks on civil liberties and the rule of law?
fun rome bans fish bowls - going round and round
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by the auroran sunset

ecology antarctic breaking up faster than predicted
ecology neat short piece on 'natural disasters'
ecology on the orrible poison animals of ostralia Three GoldenYak (tm) awards
ecology is australia getting serious about fisheries protection?
science and technology space elevator challenge
technology secret codes embedded in your printer output
science japanese supersonic test flight works this time
science update - the results autonomous cross-country racing - by robots
science autonomous cross-country racing - by robots
science science, populism, katrina and global warming
science ring around the moon - annular eclipse in europe and africa, 3 october morning
business and markets government interference in markets - bio-fuels


health new important vaccine approaches acceptance
reviews Einstein defiant Five GoldenYak (tm) award
reviews stress, status, politics and the human condition
france 50 years old: the Citroën DS
france aires on the A75 autoroute from clermont-ferrand to béziers
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