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abelard is transferring ger. The herds are continuing to autumn prairies.
Consequently, this news service will be reduced until abelard and abelard’s yaks have finished this trek.

politics why the soft headed dogmatists both do not understand bush - and revile him
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politics david davis, top contender for uk tory party leadership, on british foreign policy
politics ye gads! blair gets philosophy! - the auroran sunset
politics the we-are-victims-of-our-goverment mentality versus let’s-just-do-it reality
politics reforming the un
politics katrina, more fossil media and politician’s baloney
politics bush, blair’s speeches to the un
politics a corrupt fossil media and corrupt politicians
politics new orleans
energy exporting pollution to china
politics consitutional limits on bush’s action in new orleans
politics background information on new orleans
economics what would jesus do? rebuild sodom and gomorrah, says george
fun now here’s an entrepreneur with the right attitude!
- sick and tired of socialists??
fun vatican once more in the middle ages
fun france to buy back louisiana
fun come into my parlour, said the spider to the german lunatic
fun humphries applies for a post as official burnley nightclub comedian
fun lance legstrong threatens france where it hurts
fun architecture in the modern world
behaviour and intelligence hanson on education and diversity - the auroran sunset
behaviour and intelligence shock (for numbskulls) - socialism does not make people happy Four GoldenYak (tm)award
behaviour and intelligence once again, science ‘discovers’ that children (whatever the species) copy others
france update, with new sections:
the globes of Louis XIV
france volcanoes at vulcania
france driving in france: priority from the right
france centenary restoration: the grand palais, paris
france updated three aires on the canal du midi, A61
port-lauragais, ayguesvives, renneville
news-lite interesting bit of economics blather
news-lite more accessible dna in ancient bones
news-lite poll on power: people’s perception of politicians
news-lite brain genes
news-lite step in the development of high speed cell ’phones
news-lite new plutonium fabrication proposed for batteries
news-lite recycled urine
ecology the train is roaring down the track - the old fogeys prefer denial
ecology natural disasters and risk assessment
ecology no more great apes in twenty years?
science and technology racing on sunshine
technology sail-assisted shipping
science hello, modern concrete
science horse-breeding
science fusion by laser
science harder than diamond - nanotech
science hurricane katrina and new orleans
science another landmark in human space exploration Four GoldenYak(tm) award
science chimpanzee genome
japan zone updated with photos and various additions & edits
Japanese electoral politics in the context of Koizumi and postal privatisation
japan zone
japan zone:
briefing document
Japanese electoral politics in the context of Koizumi and postal privatisation
business and markets report on growing carbon pressures on large corporations
the world of fundamentalism the red crystal
the world of fundamentalism fundamentalism in italy
energy 4,500 acre solar system planned for california
energy rent a floating nuclear facility
energy better than buying from “the sheiks, dictators, rats and crooks”
oil shell experiments on oil shale
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