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behaviour and intelligence updated where where’s a will , now with photo clues from original published edition, later removed [Nero Wolfe page]
behaviour and intelligence the value of every honest intelligent man is beyond price
behaviour and intelligence the quiet revolution taking place in schools - it was not better in the olden days
behaviour and intelligence The psychology of Rex Stout, Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin beta release
behaviour and intelligence the constant evolution of claimed unchanging dogmas
behaviour and intelligence get the unbiased latest from the fossil media
behaviour and intelligence bullying in uk schools continues unabated
behaviour and intelligence israel and technology
politics larf yet again (or cry) at socialists - with steyn
politics brilliant sharon may well outflank extremists loons of both right and left
politics bush speech in japan - transcript
politics open democracy growing in the tory party is undermining oldnewoldlabour
politics the patriot act
politics bush coherent on islamofascism and socialism
politics an interesting article, not written by one of the best minds
politics solid item by mister bean on free speech
politics integration, civil war or eurocaliphate? the seething of france
politics enemy territory in france
politics karma and the price of appeasement
politics on that nasty confrontational mister bush
politics some sound advice for george from victor hanson
news-lite updated high speed holographic discs
news-lite get out of london, ... and paris, berlin, rome, madrid ..... [health]

lite medley:

news-lite wind tunnel test for blended wing goes well
news-lite “water vapour much magnifying temperature increases over europe”
news-lite keep it simple - deflecting asteroids
fun sounds of nature
ethics hurting the ‘baddies’, should it be allowed?
energy yet another disaster in the non nuclear fossil fuel sector
fun fold it!
economics spanish central banker tells socialist subsidisers about real life
ecology global warming is a con - it just must be!
ecology yet more bad science from the pseudo-greens
one-liners on termite tum tums! [3-page .pdf]
health “smoking [on its own] is estimated to have caused 21 percent of deaths from cancer worldwide”
civil liberties censorship vs freedom of speech
economics proposed uk id cards - damaging the economy
science led technology catching up with butterfly technology
fun rule of law versus ‘art’ - put that feelthy fag out
civil liberties as long as you have nothing to hide
ecology science, carbon and nuclear power Three and half GoldenYak(tm) award
fun rock with jeezus on the shores of galilee
world of fundamentalism tracking islam - christianist church in qatar
fun google uk celebrates armistice day 1918
ecology “two incompatible objectives will put the lights out in britain in a decade”
ecology destroying the ocean resources
economics governments and markets
science alleged forensic evidence
technology new animation package under trial
reviews thomas paine on the fossil media;
review by the auroran sunset
energy wind energy expanding fast in the usa
economics brain drain or brain gain?
ecology growing ecological problems in china
economics the wealth of the west
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