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politics hanson - no need to add to it as he talks sense
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politics leering brother is watching - bliar and brown’s ‘new’ socialism
politics huge anti-chavez marches in venezuela - t.a.s.

political and statistical analysis of the us midterm election results - t.a.s.

politics lefties struggle to spin the growing success of the bush iraq policy as a ‘disaster’ - t.a.s.
politics sane policy towards tinpots seeking nuclear weapons: “assured destruction” - t.a.s.
politics shadow chancellor osbourne on the modern world - t.a.s.
politics steadily growing irresponsibility at the heart of old europe
politics abizaid reports to ‘america’
politics the west’s real weakness
politics useful conference - and foolish comments from annan
politics why no socialist like bliar can ever be trusted with power - the paranoid neurosis of little men to control
politics on the environment - “it is a market failure, and it has been now accepted fully by the british conservative party”
politics the us military, not so stupid as the moonbats would have you believe - t.a.s.
politics decision time on iran?
news-lite amazing innumeracy: 450GB of data on an A4 sheet of paper! - t.a.s.
news-lite interesting claims on sun power
news-lite keeping up: more species in tropics due to earlier colonisation?
news-lite keeping up: 10,000 atmospheres and a dose of x-rays produces a new kind of very high energy ‘ice’
deconstruction deconstructing the moonbat line over iraq
book and other reviews another deconstructing the moonbat line over iraq interesting looking energy book - yet again yak herders lead the world
behaviour and intelligence slavery and rape are “basic muslim behaviours” according to convicted saudi - t.a.s.
behaviour and intelligence an essay on the long-standing christianist leadership of scientific progress
behaviour and intelligence interesting summary taking apart moonbat vanities
behaviour and intelligence or is it ‘researchers’ getting the results they believe in?
behaviour and intelligence basic advice on choosing schools and on educating your child from abelard
behaviour and intelligence successful but negative behaviours, differences between europe and the usa
behaviour and intelligence the fossil media says bush lied about wmds... - t.a.s.
france non-english page at abelard.org:
le plus haut, le plus long : le viaduc de millau - xavier
translation of highest, longest : the viaduct de millau
france non-english page at abelard.org:
enfants et violence de télévision - xavier
translation of children and television violence
civil liberties “yes they are watching you” — increasing notice taken of big brother britain
alternative energies kaletsky starts to catch on to energy problems
alternative energies the filthy fossil fuel industry
alternative energies keeping up: movement on hydrogen nanostorage
only when it’s pretty 21: religious works of art - t.a.s.
fun learning from history... - t.a.s.
ecology poor old reuters! innumerate as usual... long-life light bulbs...
ecology updated and expanded: pressure on water resources
ecology trying to talk down global warming?
ecology that damned global warming just will not be talked away - perhaps the flat earthers are not blabbering hard and fast enough!
ecology 42 years, that’s all we’ve got : human selfishness on the way to making all seafood extinct, and maybe all sealife too - xavier
economics fossil media circulation falling despite book cooking - t.a.s.
economics on friedman: important economic warrior dies age 94
science and technology leonid meteorites: probably last chance in our lifetimes - xavier
science and technology responsibility rather than rules improves road safety - t.a.s.
business and markets a more interesting epistle by kaletsky
water keeping up: trouble with water
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