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il Giro d'Italia 2017
5 May to 28 May 2017

100 years - to love infinitely

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Giro d'Italia - to love forever

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Giro d'Italia web site
(to Giro d'Italia web site

cycling tactics photos

the cycling zone

Tour de France route 2017
The Tour de France 2017, Russian mountains on steroids!

giro d'italia 2018

Giro d'Italia 2017

Giro d'Italia 2016

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the Italian Giro
light it pink!
this year's stages
mountain stages - summit and uphill finishes
this year's favourites
last year's first ten riders
the classification jerseys
the teams
watching the Giro - on the roadside, on TV

eurosport uk:
British Eurosport is providing daily live coverage from all stages of this year’s Giro d'Italia.
One or other of Sky Sports channels is showing highlights during the evening.

the italian giro

The Giro d’Italia, the Tour of Italy, is the first of the major three-week tours - The Giro d'Italia, the Tour de France, the Vuelta d'Espana - in the annual repertoire of international cycle races.

  • The 100th Corsa Rosa (Pink race), the Giro d’Italia 100, takes place from the 5th May to 28th May 2017,
    this time starting on Friday to accommodate a third rest day, yet still ending on a Sunday.
  • The 2017 Giro extends over  3,572.2 km,or 2,220 miles, averaging about 198 km a day.
  • The race begins with three days on the Island of Sardinia, starting at Alghero.


  • The Giro then moves to the the island of Sicily and the volcano of Mount Etna, then gradually progresses northwards through mainland Italy.
  • The race will finish in the northern city of Milan.
  • Ciclamino is back! This year, the points jersey returns to being the Maglia Ciclamino,  the cyclamen colour previously used from 1970 to 2009.

    Maglia Ciclamino

  • The official race guide, in Italian and English, is available online.
  • Seven high mountain stages and four medium mountain stages.
  • Five summit finishes, to stages 4, 9, 14, 18, 19.
  • The highest peak, 2758 m, the Cima Coppi, is the Stelvio Pass on stage 16.
  • Six stages for the sprinters: stages 1 3, 5, 7, 12, 13.
  • Two individual time trials, the second starting with 5.8 kilometres round on the Formula One circuit of the Autodromo Nazionale at Monza. Built in 1922, this motor racing circuit is the world's third purpose-built motor racing circuit, the others being Brooklands and Indianapolis.

Giro d'Italia 2016 - race map

giro d'italia 2017

Girod'Iltalia route schematic
For larger version of this chart with links to each stage's map, profile and other data.
During each stage, the race can be followed 'live' on the Giro d'Italia web site.

giro d'italia 2017

light it pink!

As part of the celebration and joy of the 100th edition of the Giro d'Italia, important places on many stages are being floodlit in pink.

Floodlit in pink for the 100th edition of the Giro d'Italia.
Floodlit in pink for the 100th edition of the Giro d'Italia.
[Fountain of Neptune in Florence,  rocce rosse di Arbatax cliffs in Sardinia, Torre Branca at  Milan
Coppi’s monument on Stelvio Pass, ice sculptures of the Dolomites,  the Porta San Giacomo at Bergamo]

Here is the full list:
the Sulis Tower (Tower dell’Esperò Reial) in Alghero,
the National Archaeological Museum of Olbia,
the Beach of Rocce Rosse in Arbatax (Tortolì),
the Palazzo Civico in Cagliari,
the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II in Reggio Calabria,
the Scoglio della Regina in Acquappesa (Terme Luigiane),
the Palazzo di Città in Castrovillari,
the Trullo Sovrano in Alberobello, the Dome of Molfetta,
the Mura del Belvedere in Montenero di Bisaccia,
the Town Hall in Montefalco,
the Fountain of Neptune in Florence,
the Town Hall in San Pietro in Bagno,
the Teatro Municipale Fountain in Reggio Emilia,
the Tortona Cathedral square,
the Battistero in Biella (Oropa),
San Biagio Church in Valdengo,
Porta San Giacomo in Bergamo upper city,
Rovetta‘s main square,
Coppi’s monument on Stelvio Pass (Cima Coppi, the highest point in the 2017 Giro) in Valtellina,
the Ice Sculptures of the Dolomites in Ortisei and San Candido,
Palazzo Menegozzi in Aviano (Piancavallo),
the Town Hall in Pordenone,
the Grand Stand of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza,
the Branca Tower in Milan.

giro d'italia 2017


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this year’s stages

21 stages are planned, with seven high mountain stages, four medium mountain stages, two hilly stages, two individual time trial (stages 10 and 21), and eight stages for sprinters. There will be two rest days. All other days are flat stages, or transition days between flat and mountain stages. The total distance ridden will be 3,572.2 km, or roughly 2,220 miles.

1 Sardinia:Alghero – Olbia
Fri 5 May [203 km/126 mi] sprinter's stage
11 Florence (Ponte a Ema) - Bagno di Romagna
Wed 17 May [161 km/100 mi]
2 Sardinia: Olbia – Tortolì
Sat 6 May [208 km/129 mi]
12 Forlì - Reggio Emilia
Thu 18 May [237 km/ mi] sprinter's stage
3 Sardinia: Tortolì – Cagliari
Sun 7 May [148 km/92 mi] sprinter's stage
13 Reggio Emilia - Tortona
Fri 19 May [162 km/101 mi] sprinter's stage
R Rest / travelling day [southern Italy]
Mon 8 May
14 Castellania - Santuario di Oropa
Sat 20 May [131 km/81 mi] uphill finish - 1142 m
4 Italy: Cefalù - Etna (Rifugio Sapienza)
Tue 9 May [180 km/112 mi] uphill finish - 1892 m
15 Valdengo - Bergamo
Sun 21 May [199 km/124mi]

Pedara - Messina
Wed 10 May [157 km/98 mi] sprinter's stage

R Rest day
Mon 22 May
6 Reggio Calabria - Terme Luigiane
Thu 11 May [207 km/129 mi]

Rovetta - Bormio
Tue 23 May
[227 km/141 mi]


Castrovillari - Alberobello
Fri 12 May [220 km/137 mi] sprinter's stage

17 Tirano - Canazei
Wed 24 May [219 km/136 mi]

Molfetta - Peschici
Sat 13 May [189 km/117 mi]

18 Moena - Ortisei/St. Ulrich
Thu 25 May [137 km/155 mi] uphill finish - 2502 m
9 Montenero di Bisaccia - Blockhaus
Sun 14 May [139 km/86 mi] uphill finish - 1665 m
19 Innichen/San Candido - Piancavallo
Fri 26 May [191 km/119 mi] uphill finish - 1290 m

Rest day
Mon 15 May

20 Pordenone - Asiago
Sat 27 May [190 km/118 mi] uphill finish - 1086 m
10 Sagrantino Stage : Foligno - Montefalco
Tue 16 May [39.2 km/24 mi]
individual time trial (ITT)
21 Monza (Autodromo) - Milan
Sun 28 May [28 km/17 mi]
individual time trial (ITT)

The 2017 Giro route 10:48 mins

giro d'italia 2017

mountain stages - summit and uphill finishes

Stage 4 finishes with the steep climb up Mount Etna. Let's hope it remains dormant!

Stage 9 With a final climb in two parts, there is a short downhill pause before the final grinding 13 km with a 14% maximum gradient.

Stage 10 The first individual time trial, riding through the Sagrantino wine-growing region, has a sharp finish.

Stage 14 Starting at the birthplace of five-time winner Coppi, the stage finishes at Oropa after a 28 km climb to 1142 m. This is where the Italian cycling 'hero' and doper, Marco Pantani, won the stage in 1999 wearing pink, shortly before he was removed from the race for anomalous blood results.

Stage 16 Three high peaks - the 1854 m high  Passo di Mortirolo, then two ascents of the Stelvio, including this year's Cima Coppi of 2758 m at Stelvio Pass. The other ascent rises to 1202 m at Bormio.

Stage 18 A short, brutal stage with 4 climbs rising to 2239 m, 2117 m, 2121 m and 1442 m; and then there's the uphill finish..

Stage 19 There is a nasty final climb to Piancavallo, averaging 9 %,and maxing at 14%, while the second half of the climb maintains 8% average until the final kilometre. 

Stage 20 Over Monte Grappa at 1620 m, then an uphill grind to the finish at Asiago.

Profiles at for these stages are shown below.

Stage 4, Tue 9 May , Cefalù - Etna (Rifugio Sapienza), 180 km]
2017 Giro d'Italia stage 4 profile
32.8 km, 1482 m rise, 4.5% av. grad., 8% max.grad.
17.9 km, 1187 m rise, 6.8% av. grad., 12% max.grad
Stage 9, Sun 14 May, Montenero di Bisaccia - Blockhaus, 139 km
2017 Giro d'Italia stage 14 profile
13.6 km, 1141 m rise, 8.4% av. grad., 14% max.grad.
Stage 10, Tue 16 May, Foligno - Montefalco, 39.2 km
2017 Giro d'Italia stage 15 profile
final climb: 23.1 km, 847 m rise, 3.7% av. grad., 12% max.grad.

Stage 14, Sat 20 May, Castellania - Santuario di Oropa, 131 km
2017 Giro d'Italia stage 19 profile
11.8 km, 733 m rise, 6.2% av. grad., 13% max.grad.

Stage 16, Tue 23 May, Rovetta - Bormio, 227 km
2017 Giro d'Italia stage 19 profile
12.6 km, 962 m rise, 7.6% av. grad., 16% max.grad.
21.7 km, 1549 m rise, 7.1% av. grad., 12% max.grad.
13.4 km, 1130 m rise, 8.4% av. grad., 12% max.grad.

Stage 18, 25 May: Moena - Ortisei/St. Ulrich, 137 km
2017 Giro d'Italia stage 20 profile
11.9 km, 799 m rise, 6.7% av. grad., 9% max.grad. 12.3 km, 786 m rise, 6.4% av. grad., 14% max.grad.
9.3 km, 599 m rise, 6.4% av. grad., 11% max.grad.
4.2 km, 263 m rise, 6.3% av. grad., 15% max.grad.
9.3 km, 636 m rise, 6.8% av. grad., 12% max.grad.

Stage 19, 26 May: Pinerolo-Risoul 161 km
2017 Giro d'Italia stage 19 profile
7.9 km, 341 m rise, 4.3% av. grad., 8% max.grad.
11.7 km, 650 m rise, 5.6% av. grad., 10% max.grad.
15.4 km, 1131 m rise, 7.3% av. grad., 14% max.grad.

Stage 20, 27 May: Guillestre-Sant'Anna di Vinadio 150 km
2017 Giro d'Italia stage 20 profile
1.1 km, 140 m rise, 12.7% av. grad., 18% max.grad.
24.2 km, 1287 m rise, 53% av. grad., 11% max.grad.
14.0 km, 937 m rise, 6.7% av. grad., 11% max.grad.

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giro d'italia 2017

this year’s favourites

Favourites for 2017 include Nairo Quintana (COL – Movistar), Vincenzo Nibali (ITA – Bahrain-Merida), Steven Kruijswijk (NED – LottoNL-Jumbo), Tom Dumoulin (NED – Team Sunweb), Geraint Thomas (GBR – Team Sky).

Other strong riders include Adam Yates (GBR – Orica-Scott), Thibaut Pinot (FRA – FDJ),, Bauke Mollema (NED – Trek-Segafredo), Ilnur Zakarin (RUS – Tam Katusha Alpecin).

giro d'italia 2017

first ten riders in the 2016 giro

  1. Vincenzo Nibali | ITA | Astana | 86h 32' 49"
  2. Esteban Chaves | COL | Orica–GreenEDGE | + 52"
  3. Alejandro Valverde | ESP | Movistar Team | + 1' 17"
  4. Steven Kruijswijk | NED | LottoNL–Jumbo | + 1' 50"
  5. Rafal Majkal | POL | Tinkoff | + 4' 37"
  6. Bob Jungels | LUX | Etixx–Quick-Step | + 8' 31"
  7. Rigoberto Urán | COL | Cannondale | + 11' 47"
  8. Andrey Amador | CRC | Movistar Team | + 13' 21"
  9. Darwin Atapuma | COL | BMC Racing Team | + 14' 09"
  10. Kanstantsin Sivtsov | BLR | Team Dimension Data | + 16' 20"

giro d'italia 2017

the classification jerseys, 2017

Classification jerseys for the 2017 Giro d'Italia

  • The overall winner’s jersey is pink, like the paper on which the original sponsors' newspaper is printed - pink for like the dawn of a champion.
  • The points jersey is now cyclamen again - likre a flower and also a fruit, like a thought and already a memory, like a desire and already like nostalgia, like a full stop and already like a semi-colon and a new paragraph, like a goal we are aiming for today, tomorrow, forever.
  • The best climber’s jersey is the blue of the sky to which they are climbing - blue but not still, like the water in a lake among glaciers.
  • The best young rider’s jersey is white like a symbol of freshness and even innocence, of brightness and possibly candour, of youth and perhaps shyness..

giro d'italia 2017

the teams

All eighteen UCI WorldTeams are participating in the 2017 Giro d'Italia.
There are also four wild card teams:
CCC Sprandi Polkowice (POL)
Gazprom-RusVelo (RUS)
Wilier Triestina (ITA)
Dimension Data (RSA)

Team jerseys fir the 2017 Giro d'Italia

UCI team country code
AG2R La Mondiale FRA ALM
Astana KAS AST
Bahrain–Merida BRN TBM
BMC Racing Team USA BMC
Bora–Hansgrohe GER BOH
Cannondale–Drapac USA CDT
Team Katusha–Alpecin SWI KAT
LottoNL–Jumbo NED TLJ
Lotto-Soudal BEL LTS
Movistar Team ESP MOV
Orica–Scott AUS ORS
Quick-Step Floors BEL QST
Team Sky GBR SKY
Team Sunweb GER SUN
Trek–Segafredo USA TFS
UAE Team Emirates UAE UAD

giro d'italia 2017

Watching the Giro - on the roadside, on TV

Watching the Giro in Italy is very similar to watching the Tour in France. has several pages giving general advice on how to be a effective road-side spectator.

Daily live TV coverage will be available from British Eurosport (subscription required), while their freeview channel, Quest, to show highlights of each stage at 22:00 BST.

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