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Not only is cycling excellent exercise, it is absorbing to watch. As well as advice on being an effective spectator, abelard.org provides information and analysis on the Tour de France - the greatest show in the world - and its younger siblings, the Vuelta a Espagna and the Giro d’Italia.

Tour de France 2023s

Le Tour de France : cycling tactics
Any race requires being able to outsmart the others, as well as out-cycling them. A three-week race needs even more tactics. Here is an outline.

Tour de France 2018

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La Vuelta 2010 la Vuelta a España, 2016 - let's climb!
Uphill and summit finishes galore will make this Vuelta a a climber's feast through spectacular regions of Spain and France.

La Vuelta 2010 La Vuelta a España, 2015 - 9 new summits to fete 80 years
With 70 races in 80 years, now there are spectacular climbs and driving sprints in wild scenery, though too much for Spaniard Alberto Contador.

La Vuelta 2010 la Vuelta a España, 2014 - climbs to glory
There may be no Pyrenees stages, but climbing challenges abound.

La Vuelta 2013 la Vuelta a España, 2013 - race to the summits
With over half the stages ending on a summit, the 2013 Vuelta again is a climbe's paradise. No wonder there's no Froome or Wiggins.

La Vuelta 2012 La Vuelta a España, 2012 - climber's paradise
Favouring big Spanish riders, this year's Vuelta ignores half of Spain.

La Vuelta 2011 La Vuelta a España, 2011 - a climber's race
With unprecidentedly steep climbs, and lots of them, this year's race will be tough to ride and spectacular to watch.

La Vuelta 2010 La Vuelta a España, 2010 - an eco-tour
A younger sibling of the renowned Tour de France, la Vuelta a España celebrated 75 years with an environmentally friendly three-week cycle race.

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giro d'italia 2018 il Giro d'Italia 2018 : Middle East meets West, climbing all the way
With three days in Israel, eight summit finishes, including on Mount Etna, hairpin bends galore and cobbles, this year's Giro should be sunny and joyful for spectators, and very hard work for riders.

giro d'italia 2017 il Giro d'Italia 2017 : 100 years - to love infinitely
The hundredth year of the Giro visits spectacular locations, celebrating a centenary of Italian cycle racing.

giro d'italia il giro d'italia 2016 - for sprinters and climbers
Spectacular mountains and tasty flat stages will make for a Giro with many opportunities. Essential facts, no more searching across the web.

giro d'italia the Giro d'Italia 2015 - lean and mean
Being hit by austerity has comelled the organisers to return to essentials and exciting stages for sprinters and mountain men.

giro d'italiathe 2014 Giro d'Italia - a more humane race?
With less between-stage travel and three rest days, this year's Giro may ensure the riders are fresh for the climbs and sprint finishes, but ... with repeated climbs, and gradients of up to 22% in places, it looks like another leg-destroying race.

giro d'italia the 2013 Giro d’Italia - the fight for pink!
Created to be fair to riders, and balanced in types of stages, while visiting touristic and historic sites, the 2013 Giro should attract both climbers and sprinters.

il Giro d’Italia 2012 - the need for speed
Starting in Denmark, finishing in Milan, this year's Giro will be a growing crescendo of height and arduousness.

il Giro d’Italia 2011 - Italian unity Tour
First raced in 1909, the Giro is one of the three major international three-week cycling road races. This year celebrates the 150th year of the united Italian nation state.

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