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men beat horses

Huw Lobb and the horse he beat

Huw Lobb and second horse home, Rashid Aziz

image credit:
Man v Horse Marathon 2004 Llanwrtyd Wells

Huw Lobb had just come fourth in this year’s London Marathon and was on his way to Edinburgh to compete in another marathon the next day. As a training bagatelle, he competed in the The 2004 Silver Jubilee Man v Horse Marathon, also known as the David, Lord Sutch Memorial Race.

Lobb came first, beating the second runner, Mark Croasdale by 1 minute 36 seconds. The first horse, Kay Bee Jay, came in 41 seconds later. Lobb won a £25,000 prize for his efforts.

The field was composed of almost 500 runners and 44 horses and riders.

Since the demise of the previous official race starter and distinguished British politician, Screaming Lord Sutch, Mrs. Cynthyia Payne has officiated.

Lord Sutch was the founder of the Monster Raving Loony Party, and widely admired for his persistent libertarian policies and mockery of the UK political establishment. Mrs. Cynthyia Payne, another well-known British libertarian, for many years has fought against an uptight British establishment, particularly on the freedom for prostitutes to trade.

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