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headlines for february 2004

New translation, the Magna Carta

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science where on earth is mars? hree GoldenYak (tm) award
science what is dark energy? what is dark matter?
science einstein helps find far-off galaxy—13 billion light years distant
science planning ahead—by woodpeckers
science matroshka (russian doll) to work in space
science on the second law of thermodynamics
fun mardi gras!
fun jane dot-dash-dash-dot-dash-dot
fun new trans-continental railway, and the ghan arrives—after 97 years
energy china seriously starting to build up nuclear power stations
energy Individual annual electricity consumption—comparison table
energy ionising radiation and health—risk analysis
energy carbon in the atmosphere
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new selected sayings from abelard, at
behaviour space lag—working to mars time
behaviour the biggest ginormous bomb ever exploded by silly humans
behaviour what makes people happy—countries compared
news-lite empiric random packing of deformed spheres
news-lite improved efficiency use of ethanol by generated hydrogen claimed
news-lite “mathematical modelling predicts marriage breakdown with 90% reliability”
news-lite diesel and pollution and dust
news-lite virus that eats cancer; and maybe bespoke nano-particle drugs
news-lite another human screw-up—vultures killed by cow medicine
news-lite yet another small step forward in materials science
news-lite not so nice pussy—humans for dinner
oil getting new oil out of tired old wells
oil the Spanish Emperor has no clothes—facing up to reality



the politics of irresponsibility—

ecology huge engineering project reopened to revive the aral sea
ecology eating the wildlife
economics growth of gem diamond technology and manufacture
politics another ivory tower report—bush the oil man and cloud-cuckoo land
politics being ‘poor’ in the united states


a very accurate summary of the problem of the next us presidential election
the world of
how we got here—the islamic madrassahs
health maternal diet during pregnancy probably major variable for lifespan
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